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Lost Property

Posted On 25 Sep 2017
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Lost property since the end of last term and beginning of this term:


A number of clothes have been returned to the correct person, as they had the child’s name in. However, all the clothing in the photo hasn’t and remains unnamed in lost property.

We currently have:

  • 1 x plain navy blue cardigan, age 8-9.
  • 1 x plain navy blue cardigan, age 10.
  • Jumpers:  2 x age 5-6 ,  10 x age 7-8,  5 × 9-10 and 3 x 11-12.
  • Grey trousers: age 9 sturdy fit.
  • Cardigans 3 x age 7-8, 2 x age 9-10 and 3 x age 11-12.


If your child has lost any items, please come in and see if you can find it, as the pile is growing bigger every day!

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