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Homework 14.12.17

Year 3

Due in on Thursday 4th January

We have been really pleased with how well you have settled in and how hard you have all worked this term. We are sure you are ready for a well-deserved rest!

We would like you to have a really good time with your families this holiday and we have chosen some homework to fit the festive season.



Design, make and play a simple game following instructions.

We have been looking at instruction writing this week. We would like you to design, make and play a simple game Eg Christmas times tables snap or Santa themed board game/ quiz. As part of the game you will need to write a set of clear instructions so your family can try out your game over the holidays.

You can either take a photo of you and your family playing the game or, if it isn’t too big, you could bring it into school to put on display.



Title: Can I read the time?

This week we have been practising reading the time again. We would like you to spend some more time practising your skills. Over the last couple of weeks some of you have made good progress it would be good for you all to continue to practise in order to become more confident. If this is something you have already mastered really well try comparing digital 24 hour clock and analogue.


To show that you have done this activity we would like you to write a comment in your Home School book signed by your parents.


Times Tables

Many of you are now making excellent progress through your Cracking Times Tables levels. Please make sure you continue to practise your times tables regularly over the holidays.

Remember there are many computer games on our school web site that can help you practise at speed. A short practise every day is better than once a week!.



Hopefully many of you will be lucky enough to receive a new book/books for Christmas. Perhaps you could try reading it to a visiting relation.

Please remember to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in when we return to school.

Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book. It would be great to see some different children achieving ‘Reader of the Week.’


Lastly we would all like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all again next term.


Mrs Pilgrim, Mrs Jones and Miss Weston


Year 4

Due in on Tuesday 9th January

After Christmas, we will be studying Scandinavia in Geography which consists of the European countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. For your homework, we would love you to research how they celebrate Christmas and create a poster or fact file about it. You may want to research some of the following:

  • Special traditions on or around Christmas Day
  • What they eat on Christmas Day
  • Any special gifts they give each other
  • Christmas phrases they might say to each other


You could type this on a computer or write it using your best handwriting. You must work on paper. You could draw or use pictures to illustrate your work too. You will be sharing your research after Christmas. We expect you to spend 30 minutes (half an hour) on this homework.


Times Tables & Reading

You must make sure you still learn your times tables over the holidays, especially if you are raring to go with a new level when we come back. You must also do at least 4 pieces of reading each week over Christmas. We will be checking your Home School Books on the first day back.


We want you to have a lovely Christmas which is why we are setting this homework now as some of you may want to get it out of the way and do it this weekend and hand it in next week before the holidays even begin! Researching Christmas and another country is also a lovely thing to do and should be very interesting to learn about.


You’ve had a great term, keep up the hard work! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families!

Miss Bartropp and Ms Pater


Year 5

This is your last homework for this term. You need to hand it in when you return to school after the Christmas holiday –on the 4th or 5th of January.

  1. LC: can I write a review?

The Christmas holiday is a great time to have the chance read a book or to watch a film. We want you to write a review recommending one of these – either a whole book you have read or a good film you have seen. Remember a review does not describe the whole story – it gives a snippet of the story and then includes many opinions about what you thought of it.


Writing a review success criteria:

Brief recount of events

Describe favourite parts and enjoyable parts with your reasons

Likes and dislikes

Description and opinions of characters

Improvements and suggestions

Comparisons to other books/films

Recommendations – who would like or enjoy it?



Write your review in your English homework book. It should be at least a page long.


  1. We also would like you to watch a TV programme! The Highway Rat will air on Christmas Day at 4:45pm on BBC1. This will tie in nicely with our work on narrative poetry, in particular the classic The Highwayman Poem, when we return to school in the new year. You can watch this using bbc i player at other times over the holiday. It is about a rat bandit who craves sweet things!


Information for Monday and Tuesday next week

Next week we shall be making some 3D decorations. We need you to bring in old, used, spare Christmas cards to cut up. You will need quite a few cards as the shape has 20 faces. If you do not have spare cards you could bring in any coloured card which you have. We will also need staplers suitable for children to use.

On Tuesday you may bring in a toy or game to play with a group of 3 or 4 friends. Please make sure it is not valuable and does not need a power supply. We will also watch Brave, a PG rated Disney film which shows the adventures of a young Scottish heroine.


Thank you very much

Year 5 staff


Year 6

Due in Monday 8th January 2018

After Christmas we are going to be learning about the Mayans in History, and South America in Geography. In preparation for this we would like you to create a project on either one of these topics. This will form your English homework for over Christmas.



You might like to research about who the Mayans were, where they lived, what they ate and drank, what beliefs they had, what they wore, what laws and punishments they had, their education, writing and number system and what they did for jobs.


South America

You might like to research a particular country within South America, the climate different countries have, mountain ranges, the human geography of South America (e.g. population and life expectancy of people) and industry and trade.


Project tips and expectations

  • A good project consists of pictures, subtitles and detailed information and a contents page. You might also want to include a glossary of words to help the reader.
  • Think about where you can find your information. You could get some books from the library or check the internet.
  • You are free to present your project as you wish; you can type it, handwrite it or have a mixture of both.
  • We want to see that you have made an effort to research different things and have taken care and thought carefully about presenting it beautifully.
  • Anything you write must be in your own words and you should make sure that you understand what you are writing about. We will be checking this.


As this homework is being set for this week, and the duration of the Christmas holidays you must spend at least a minimum of 1.5 hours on your homework. You may even want to make a start over the weekend so that you have more time to enjoy your Christmas holidays. You can bring in into school next week and we may have some time for you to continue on Monday or Tuesday.



Keep up with your great reading and make sure you are recording all of it in your Home School Book. Please make sure you are writing a comment and getting an adult to sign your book at the weekend.


After Xmas you will be having a large spelling test based on the last terms worth of spellings. Please revise all of the spellings you have been tested on ready for when you are back.

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  1. Lizzie

    For the year 6 holiday homework, do we have to do it like a book or can we do it on an A3 piece of paper?

    • Mrs K

      I’ll try and find out for you Lizzie

    • Mrs K

      Lizzie, you are allowed to present your project anyway which you would like, so A3 will be fine. Enjoy doing it 🙂

  2. Lizzie

    Thank you Mrs Ketley