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Homework 7.12.17

Homework due in on Tuesday 12th December


Year 3


Title: Can I read the time?

This week we have been practising reading the time. We would like you to spend 20 minutes with your adults at home practising how to read the time. You may want to recap how to tell if it is o’clock, quarter past, half past or quarter to. Some of you who are more confident, will be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes (or maybe even to the nearest minute) or be able to compare digital and analogue times.

To show that you have done this activity we would like you to write your date and title in your Maths homework and write a sentence about what you practised and how you did. Your adult might like to write a comment too.


Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables regularly. A short practise every day is better than once on Sunday!. We do Cracking Times Tables every Monday.



Title: Can I write a set of Instructions?

We have introduced you to instruction writing this week, so your homework is going to be to write some instructions in your book using the information provided.

Cherries and Grapes – You have been given a set of muddled up instructions for How to Get Ready in the Morning. You need to read them carefully and put them in order using numbers to help you to order them, e.g. 1) 2) 3). Make sure you copy each spelling neatly and correctly into your homework book. CHALLENGE – Underline the bossy verb (imperative verb) in a coloured pencil with a ruler.

Oranges and Pears – You have been given a format in which to write in to write the instructions for How to Make a Sandwich. You must use imperative verbs (bossy verbs) at the start of each sentence, e.g. Put, Spread, Add. You could add adverbs, e.g. slowly, carefully, gradually. You must also make sure you add every step that is needed so that if someone were to use your instructions they could make a sandwich correctly. Write in pencil in your neatest writing with a date and a title at the top.

Strawberries and Watermelons –Write a set of instructions in your homework book using adverbs, imperative verbs, detailed sentences and a clear structure. You must also have a section for ‘What you need’. Your instructions are going to be to explain ‘How to Run a Bath’. To make the bath really interesting, you could have bubbles, candles, music, rubber ducks! Up to you! But it must include lots of detail! Put your date and title neatly and clearly before starting.



Remember we also expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday. Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book. It would be great to see some different children achieving ‘Reader of the Week.’


Mrs Pilgrim, Mrs Jones and Miss Weston


Year 4


Miss Bartropp’s Maths Set

Title: Can I solve multiplication and adding word problems?

You have been given a sheet with word problems on that require a 3 step calculation. You must do two steps of multiplying and then add these answers together to get your final answer. Some of you will be multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit, some of you will be multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit and some of you will be multiplying 4 digits by 1 digit. You may work on the sheet and fold and glue it beautifully into your book.

All of you must make sure you have the short date and title in your homework book, underlined beautifully with a ruler.


Ms Pater’s Maths Set

Title – Can I solve scaling problems?

This week we have been working on scaling quantities up or down using our knowledge of times tables. This week you have been given a sheet about ‘tall towers’ where it asks you to imagine you are a town planner and you have been asked to build an impressive new skyscraper. You must work through your given sheet to scale up the measurements for your new tower. You may work on the sheet and fold and glue it beautifully into your book.

All of you must make sure you have the short date and title in your homework book, underlined beautifully with a ruler.



Title – Can I develop descriptive ideas?

Next week we are moving onto Christmas English! In preparation for this, we would like you to write descriptively about a winter scene. You may find a picture of a winter scene in a book or in the internet and describe it in detail! Please see your group below to see what we would like you to include in your description:

Cherries and Grapes

  • 6 exciting adjectives, 1 simile, 1 piece of alliteration, 5 different adverbs, 2 adverbials at the start of your sentence.

Oranges and Pears

  • 8 exciting adjectives, 2 similes, 1 piece of personification, 2 noun phrases, 1 subordinate clause and 3 adverbials at the start of your sentences.

Strawberries and Watermelons

  • A range of ambitious vocabulary, 2 pieces of personification and alliteration, 1 metaphor, 3 noun phrases, 3 subordinate clauses and a range of adverbials and conjunctions within your sentences.

You must make sure you have put the long date and title in your book and you must use your best handwriting!



As usual, we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will be collecting Home School Books in on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Bartropp and Ms Pater


Year 5

English Homework

LC Can I use and spell homophones correctly?

We have all been working on homophones. These are words which sound the same but have different spellings and different meanings. For your homework you all have a double sided sheet to complete about homophones. Some of you have some crosswords to complete and some of you have to choose the correct homophones to place into the sentences. Please answer neatly on the sheet and then stick the sheet with a thin strip of glue into your blue homework book. Please stick so we can see both sides.


Maths Homework

Miss Wolfe/Miss Stanbridge set

You have Mathletics units to complete on fractions. You have been set units which practise equivalent fractions, ordering and comparing fractions and converting between mixed and improper fractions. Please spend 30 to 40 minutes working on Mathletics. It will help your work in class as we continue with fractions next week. Please stick neatly into your Maths homework book.


Mrs White set

LC can I match fractions and decimals?

You have been given a sheet on fractions and decimals. Some of you have to colour the right fraction on a hundred square and then use hundredths to convert this to a decimal.

LC can I match fractions, decimals and percentages?

Some of you have a matching activity. You have a mixture of fractions, decimals and percentages. Can you match these so they are equivalent? Make three headings like in the example below and then neatly stick underneath the row of three matching amounts

Fraction Decimal Percentage

½               0.5            50%


Make sure you have four entries for reading. We expect to see your Home School Book in school every day and these are collected in to monitor reading every Tuesday.


Reminders for Year 5

We will perform in the school Christmas Production on Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday and Thursday evenings. In the evenings you need to be back at school for 6pm. Please do not arrive any earlier than this as school staff will not be available to supervise children until 6pm. You will keep your costume at school and change into it in the classroom. After the performances in the evening parents must collect children form outside each classroom door. Remember people dressed in black outfits need a Santa hat and gold tinsel.


Finally ….

We would like to make some 3D Christmas decorations. Could you bring in any used, old or spare Christmas cards next week which we can use? We want to make dodecahedrons so you need quite a few!


Year 6

We have had assessment week this week – well done for working so hard. We are sending your SPAG paper home for you to have a look through – congratulate your successes and where you might have made a mistake have another go in a coloured pencil. Click on the link below for the answers:

SPAG answers


Reading/Times Tables

Please continue to read as often as you can. Make sure you are also learning your times tables.



As we have had assessment week this week we have not had our normal spelling test, your words from last week will carry over to this week – don’t forget to look at them again to refresh your memory.

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