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Year 5 Homework – 4.1.18

Posted On 05 Jan 2018
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Year 5

Welcome back to the new term. We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday. For homework this week we have set some tasks to help you get back in to the swing of things at school.

  1. You have a second set of homophones as spellings to learn. These words are so common in the English language and you really improved at recognising them in your writing. You have new pairs of homophones to learn for spelling test next week on Tuesday 9th January. Remember you need to know the meaning of each word so you know which one out of the pair to choose in the test. Please write down the spellings to help you learn them – use the Look, Cover, Write method. In 5A, if you have a star next to your name at the top of your spelling list it means you need to improve your score from the last test!
  2. We have started work on types of nouns. For homework we want you to see how many collective nouns you can find – remember a collective noun applies to a group of items. For example, a flock of sheep, a team of players, a pack of dogs, a pride of lions, a choir of angels. You need to write a list of collective nouns – the minimum number is 10.
  3. We will be working on measures next week in Maths. Today we read different scales. Over the weekend can you practise reading some real scales at home– weighing scales and measuring jugs maybe? Ask an adult to help you.




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