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Homework 1.2.18

Posted On 02 Feb 2018
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Homework due in on Tuesday 6th February


Year 3


For your homework this week, we would like you to practise your times tables, not only to help you to improve your Cracking Times Tables score but to help you with our work on equivalent fractions and fractions of amounts next week. Try to practise the times tables that you find most tricky, for example if you are confident with your 2s, 5s and 10s, then practise your 4s or your 8s. We would like a note in your Home School book to show which times tables you’ve been practising and how you got on.



Title: Can I punctuate correctly?

You have been given a worksheet with activities. Please read the instructions and copy the sentences in your book using the correct punctuation. Write a date and title and underline neatly.



It is important that you are reading regularly at home to help you to become more confident, both in reading aloud and in your understanding of the story that you are reading. Well done to all of you that are doing this and are recording them regularly in your books. Remember we expect at least 4 readings per week. You could earn 3 house points and possibly be the reader of the week if you read each day and record it in your Home School Book.


You did a brilliant job with our assessment week Year 3. We are very proud of you. Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Miss Weston, Mrs Pilgrim and Mrs Jones


Year 4


Title: Can I tell the time?

Next week we will be learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock. To prepare for this, we would like you to practise reading a clock or analogue watch at home for half an hour. We will be focusing on telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes (e.g. 25 minutes past 3), as well as the nearest minute (e.g. 7 minutes to 9).


To show that you have done this, we would like your parents and you to write something in your Maths Homework book to explain what you have done. You can tell us what you are good at and what you need to improve on.

  1. What are you good at? E.g. I am good at recognising whether it is ‘past’ or ‘to.’
  2. What do you need to improve on? E.g. I need to improve on reading the time to the nearest 5 minutes by counting around the clock in 5 minute intervals.

All of you must make sure you have the short date and title in your homework book, underlined beautifully with a ruler.



You still have until Tuesday to complete your research on an insect for our non-chronological reports! Please see the last homework slip for more information.



As usual, we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will be collecting Home School Books in on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Bartropp and Ms Pater


Year 5

This week we have been busy completing assessments. Therefore the homework we are setting you is for next week and over the half term break. It will needed to be handed in by Tuesday 20th February. We are setting a couple of tasks for you to do – number 1 must be done and numbers 2 and 3 are optional.


1. Science research

To tie in with our work on Materials And Their Properties, we would like you to research the life and work of a scientist or inventor. We want you to choose either a well-known or lesser known scientist or inventor and find out about their life and work. Two examples specified in our Science curriculum are Spencer Silva – who invented glue for sticky notes –  and Ruth Benerito – who invented wrinkle free cotton. But you could choose a famous scientist or inventor such as:

Alexander Fleming

Tim Berners-Lee

James Watt

Thomas Edison

The Wright brothers

Alexander Graham Bell

Albert Einstein

Michael Faraday


Isaac Newton

Louis Pasteur

Leonardo Da Vinci


You need to present an interesting and informative piece of work which is well organised and carefully presented. You can use the internet for research but you must write in your own words – please do not just copy from the internet – we can tell this is not your own work. You may use headings and include photos or pictures.

Suggested facts to find out: date and place of birth, family background, schooling and education, what he/she discovered or created and an explanation of why their work was important and changed the way we live today.


2. Story Competition

You might like to enter the annual BBC2 competition for children to write a 500 word story. – lots of information and details on how to submit your story on this website.

The closing date is very shortly after half term so you would need to submit your story from home.


Got a spare moment? Then spend some time revising how to measure angles with a protractor. We have worked on this but many of you fell into the trap of reading the wrong scale in the Maths test! Remember to identify the angle as acute, obtuse or reflex and estimate the size before you measure.


Year 6


Grammar – Pages 32, 33 – Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions



Geometry, Measures and Statistics – Pages 9,10,11 – Angle calculations

Arithmetic – pages 20,21,22,23


Answers from the last two weeks:

Punctuation answers

Punctuation answers 2

Punctuation answers 3

NRA answers

GMS answers

Arithmetic answers

Arithmetic answers 2


Reading/Times Tables

Please continue to read as often as you can. Make sure you are also learning your times tables.



Continue to practice and learn your spellings. Ensure the spelling sentences are written in your books ready for Monday.

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