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Energize 2018

Last weekend, 24 lucky Year 5s had the chance to perform at the Wycombe Swan as part of Energize 2018. They were part of a collaboration with many other primary schools to perform ‘The Button Box.’
We were lucky enough to perform a dance to one of the most energetic songs – The Crow’s Button! We had some funky charleston moves and were able to keep up with the music, even when it got faster and faster.
So many of the other adults during rehearsals and performances commented on how wonderful our children were, and in particular were amazed at the dance routine that they performed.
All of the children involved should be very proud of themselves! What a great achievement to have performed on a big stage at such a young age.
A big thank you to Mrs Payne who came to many of the rehearsals at the theatre, and Mrs Ketley who helped at the Wycombe Swan for both performances, as well as came to our weekly rehearsals after school. We couldn’t have done it without you!
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  1. Karen Webb

    What an amazing production, the children were fantastic and have done the school proud.

  2. Lilia

    I loved every single moment of Energize! It was a great experience to perform on the Wycombe Swan stage. Thank you!