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WBD Story

Posted On 16 Mar 2018
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As a school we wrote a class story, with each class writing one paragraph before sending it on to the next class. Here is the final version – we hope you like it!


Manor Farm Junior School’s hero and villain story!

On a long, windy street a magical school, known as Manor Freaky Farm to the locals due to strange happenings, was sitting, waiting for its pupils. In the dark, barren classrooms the air was as cold as the bitter wind outside and silence crept around all corners and corridors of the school. Outside, howling like a ghost, the wind was circling, swirling and whirling around whilst swallowing everything in sight. At the front of the school, stacked heavily with books, was a library. Full of darkness, it lay lonely and untouched.

Suddenly, the dusty, cob-web covered books began to shiver and shudder in their book cases and ghostly lamps in the library began to flicker viciously. The haunted, possessed books started to fall out of their book cases and slam to the floor loudly, opening to reveal their pages full of words. Out of one of the scariest books in the library, the letters began whirling together to create a brand new being, an alien to ordinary human life! The mysterious creature stretched for a nearby book and reached inside and began to steal exciting, eccentric vocabulary from the creepy book. With every word that he took, he became more and more human. He even began to grow a hairy moustache which grew to be as long as the library, pushing all of the other books onto the floor.

Fortunately, one of the teachers at the Manor Freaky Farm School was well versed in foreign languages. She has used her linguistic abilities to decipher the evil spell being created from the stolen words. A battle ensued, where the teacher and the magical being locked in an epic combat of verses. Their words collided mid-air, swirling and whirling faster and faster, spinning out of control, eventually creating a tornado of words, pages, books and bookshelves, twirling in uncontrollable vortex. Eventually, the teacher managed to cast a helping-hand spell and a giant hand formed of letters and numbers, reached out from the inside of the chaos and made its way into the office, where it picked up the phone and with tremendous effort managed to summon up the magic-police.

At the end of the phone a voice enquired, “’ello, ‘ello, ‘ello caller, what is your emergency?” All of a sudden, the helping hand dropped the phone and with a fizzle and a crack dissolved to form a pile of sparkling letters and numbers. Out of the blue, an extremely talented boy, who adored reading books, managed to re-arrange the letters and numbers into some sort of order. The letters spelt out the name of his favourite book – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. At the same time, he could hear a distant voice asking something about an emergency. He had no idea what this strange emergency could be about, but decided to hang up the phone and dial the numbers that had been left behind by the helping hand. With that, he found himself transported to the magic police station and realised, rather surprisingly, that he had slipped into a world of mystery and intrigue.

After falling through the black hole, the boy (otherwise known as Jimmy) was gazing at his surroundings, perplexed and discombobulated by what had just happened. Out of the blue, a mysterious creature suddenly emerged from one of the police cells. Jimmy recognised the creature from other books he had read. It was a Pegacorn: a combination of a unicorn and a Pegasus. Why was it here? What did it want? The creature signalled to Jimmy to jump onto his back and with trepidation he did as he was told. Swooping and soaring, Jimmy and the Pegacorn flew out of the door of the police station into a floating book …

A few seconds later (which felt like months), Jimmy found himself inside a wardrobe – he knew it was a wardrobe because he was surrounded by a collection of dusty clothes: moth-eaten coats and jackets; torn and distressed dressing gowns and chequered shirts which were dirty and unwashed.

Why am I here? Where am I? Where am I going? He asked himself.

With that, Jimmy stumbled backwards and then fell headfirst into another dimension, feeling a cold sensation all down his spine.

Instantly, he emerged into a new world, which was Icearnia, which he mistook for Narnia as he had already read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. He crept cautiously, fearfully and nervously towards the crystal clear ice castle that was filled with frozen, death- shocked, Manor Freaky Farm pupils……Frozen with fear, Jimmy realised that that he wasn’t alone, he caught a glimpse of the wicked Ice Queen out of the corner of his eye.  The moment he felt her icy, spine chilling, teeth chattering breath down his frozen spine, he wished he was somewhere else……….

Closing his eyes, he wished with all his might, then a thought came into his mind, ‘Why did I come here?’.  Suddenly a voice from the dark came; it was a mystical Leprasam.  He valiantly exclaimed that he had come to help and was ready to confront the Ice Queen.  Out of the blue, the Ice Queen’s cold voice was whispering evil spells and out of nowhere ice beams began to shoot as fast as the wind towards the young boy’s head.  Without a thought for his own safety, Leprasam jumped in front of Jimmy and pulled out a machine, which looked a lot like a rainbow hairdryer.  Before the Ice Queen could realise what he was doing, Leprasam pulled the trigger and the Ice Queen started to scream like a Banshee.  She fell to the ground in a crumpled heap.  In the blink of an eye, everything started to disappear and before he knew it he was back in the cupboard.  He pushed open the oak doors and saw that he was back in the library of Manor Freaky Farm School.



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