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Y6 Staycation

‘The Six Shadows’ as they named themselves at the beginning of the week, had lots of fun whilst the rest of year 6 were on residential. They spent the week doing activities such as: writing and designing a school magazine (which can now be found in the school library); creating colourful clay models; walking in the woods and collecting natural objects for some Andy Goldsworthy style art; having a picnic and an afternoon of fun at Penn pond; a cinema afternoon and they still had time to cycle and scoot around the playground! Thank you to Mrs Boddington and Mrs Van Aurich for coming with us on our trips out.


Ella: ‘ I enjoyed it when we went for a walk in Common Wood, where we saw a Russian Terrier and there are only 300 left in the UK’.

Charlie: ‘Doing clay was really fun as we made our own models and got to decide what we did’.

Skye: ‘Whilst at the woods, we saw three horses. I also enjoyed taking photos for the school magazine’.

Harshadha: ‘I loved today as we were learning about Andy Goldsworthy, a British sculptor, who makes his art out of natural objects, which was why we went to the woods, to collect things to recreate our own Goldsworthy type art’.

Rafal: ‘Cycling around the playground was incredibly fun because we got to bring in our bikes and scooters’.

Callum: ‘I really enjoyed Penn pond, it was good fun as we got to have free time and play’.


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  1. Deborah wimslade

    Skye has had a great week… looks like they all did thanks for looking after them and doing some lovely activities great pictures Mrs.Ketley.

  2. headteacher

    The ‘Shadows’ had a very enjoyable week and conducted themselves really well on every activity they undertook. Well done to the 6 of you.