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Homework 17.5.18

Posted On 18 May 2018
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Due in on Tuesday 22nd May


Year 3


Mrs Pilgrim and Mrs Jones’ Set

Title: Can I calculate the perimeter of a shape?

This week we have been working on finding the perimeter of shapes. Please see the sheet you have been given, and follow the instructions carefully. Please ensure you have included a short date and title that has been underlined.


Miss Weston’s Maths Set

Title: Can I calculate the perimeter of a shape?

Your homework is to calculate the perimeter of the shapes on your sheet. You must show your workings out in your book and make sure that you line your numbers, including decimals up correctly. For the Giraffes and Elephants group, you must make sure that you convert your measurements into cm first, then find the perimeter by adding all of the sides together. For Q7, you need to make sure you find the missing sides first! Make sure you include a neat date and title which is underlined in pencil. You must work out in your book.


Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We do Cracking Times Tables every Monday. You may also want to play on ‘Hit the Button’ to practise your tables.



Title – Can I mind map a range of sounds?

Next week we will be looking at poetry. In preparation for this, we would like you to choose one room in your house. It could be the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, the garden or the living room. Using the pre-prepared sheet provided, we would like you to mind map all the different sounds you may be able to hear in this room and what they are like e.g. the tap dripping slowly in the sink, the moaning, noisy lawnmower in the garden or the kettle whistling and boiling in the kitchen. We will be looking for really descriptive vocabulary to describe your sounds. Please glue your mind-map into your English homework book. We will be checking for a date and title and beautiful presentation and handwriting.



As usual, we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday. Remember you could be reader of the week!


Miss Weston, Mrs Pilgrim and Mrs Jones


Year 4


Miss Bartropp’s Maths Set

Title: Can I multiply using the formal written method?

This week you need to show how brilliant you are at multiplying! You must write out your calculations into your maths homework book – you are not allowed to work on the sheet! You have been given a challenge based on how well you have done in lessons this week.

Challenge 1 – You need to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit.

Challenge 2 – You need to multiply 3 digits by 1 digit.

Challenge 3 – You need to multiply 4 digits by 1 digit.

All of you must make sure you have the short date and title in your homework book, underlined beautifully with a ruler.


Ms Pater’s Maths Set

Spicy Challenge:  We have been working hard this week on improving your multiplication skills. As you are getting better at long multiplications, can you apply your understanding of times tables to help you find factors of numbers?

Super – Spicy Challenge: You will match the numbers represented on bow and arrows to the final calculation on the targets. Which winning combination hits the target? Use your estimating skills first to help you.

Extra – Spicy Challenge: A 3 digit number is multiplied by a 2 digit number and the calculation is written out as stars with only one 0 present. Can you work out what the missing numbers are?

Apart from the zero shown the only digits which occur are 2, 3, 5 and 7. This is sufficient information to complete the whole multiplication.


All of you must make sure you have the short date and title in your homework book, underlined beautifully with a ruler.



Title – Can I create a fact-file about William Shakespeare?

This week we began looking at The Tempest, written by William Shakespeare. For homework, we would like you to use the computer, or books to research and find out 10 facts about him! You must write these in your English homework book beautifully. You may want to find out where he was born, what other plays he has written, information about his family or where he used to live. You must write your facts in FULL sentences and you may use bullet points.

All of you must make sure you have the short date and title in your homework book, underlined beautifully with a ruler. You must use your BEST handwriting!



As usual, we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will be collecting Home School Books in on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Miss Bartropp and Ms Pater


Year 5

We are setting homework which can be completed over the next fortnight and handed in after half term – this allows extra time to collect any items you need.


Miss Wolfe’s set

We have been working on angles. For homework you will be practising measuring angles and so will need a protractor. Some of you have the wonky house sheet where you need to find and measure different angles and some of you have a sheet where you need to estimate and measure angles. Complete answers on the sheet and stick into your homework book.

Miss White’s set

You have angles to measure and draw. Remember to place the bulls-eye on the point and the 0 line on one side of the angle. Read the right scale! Use a sharp pencil.


Plastics Project!

In PHSE we have looked at the environmental impact of single use plastic. For your homework we want you to get creative! We want you to collect the plastic you would normally recycle and then turn it in to something amazing. Ask an adult to help you make sure the plastic is washed and clean.

These websites show some imaginative things which can be done with used plastic.

Could you make a pencil holder, a collage piece of art work, a plastic bouquet of flowers, a bird feeder or a plant pot? We want you to create something small but of quality. You can also use paper, paint, buttons, fabrics, decoupage  etc.  Good luck with your green design project! Bring the result in after half term.


Year 6

We want to say how proud we are of all of you for working so hard this week and doing your very best – well done!



We have given you each a script for this year’s production and for your homework you have all been asked to learn the first set of lines for ‘Jack Spratt’, ready to audition next week. You may also learn a few lines from the particular character which you would also like to audition for. Please make sure you have your scripts in school every day.


Reading/Times Tables

Please continue to read as often as you can and make sure you are also learning your times tables.


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