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Homework 13.9.18

Posted On 14 Sep 2018
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Due in on Tuesday 18th September


Year 3

This week we have been focusing on settling in and learning how things are done in Junior school. Every week you will be given either Maths or English homework. We expect you to spend at least 30 minutes completing each piece of homework. You will be given it on a Thursday each week and we expect it to be handed in by the following Tuesday.


In addition to Maths or English homework, we also expect you to read at home at least 4 times a week and record this in your Home School Book. We have been very impressed with how many of you have done this already. We will collect home school books in every Monday to look at your reading record for the previous week and will be awarding house points for the amount of reading you have completed. If you ever have any problems completing your homework, please let us know.  Remember, we expect all of you to put as much effort into your homework as you do in your school work and we look forward to seeing what you’ve done.


This week your homework is …


We would like you to create a book cover and a review of your favourite book using the template provided. On one side you need to design your own front cover for the book you choose to review, making sure that you include the book title and author name. On the other side you need to write a short review about what happens in the book and what makes it your favourite. These will be going on display in your classrooms, so try your best with your handwriting, drawings and colouring in.


The Year 3 Team


Year 4

Times Tables

Please make sure you are learning your times tables every day. We will be doing Cracking Times Tables on Monday! It is vital that you keep practising and improving on your scores.



Title – Can I write the opening to a story?

This week we have been using similes, alliteration, adjectives and personification to describe the atmosphere at the beginning of a story. We have been using this alongside short sentences and ellipsis to show a change in atmosphere when something sudden happens. For homework we would like you to use the photo as a stimulus to write an opening to a story. Please see the instruction sheet for more details. Please remember to write the long date and title in your English homework book and use your best handwriting.



As usual, we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will be collecting Home School Books in on Monday. Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book. It is not acceptable for Home School Books to be late into school, or not to have the relevant reading in. You will be made to miss a break time to catch up if this is not done to the expected standard. Remember you could be reader of the week!


Mrs Wendes, Mrs Pilgrim and Ms Pater


Year 5

This week we have been reading the Myth Heracles which has many mythical creatures in it.   For homework we would like you to research different Greek mythical creature, such as a Griffin or a chimera (there are others).

For your research you need to include:

A picture (draw this yourself and colour it in).

A description of its appearance and powers.

Which stories it appeared in.

Where it lived.

Any other interesting facts which you can find.

Present your homework neatly in your English homework book.


Year 6


LC; Can I record information in detail about myself?

This week we would like you to speak to an adult at home to get some details about yourself. Next week you are going to be writing an autobiography so will need to know loads of things! You might like to ask where and when you were born (as in the EXACT time), which hospital you were born in (if you were even born in a hospital?) how much you weighed, where your first house was (if it is different to now), and any other specific details you know so that you can come prepared next week for your lesson. You should remember to present your work beautifully and ensure you do a date and title.


Remember you must be reading AT LEAST 4 times a week, and recording this in your Home School Book. You must also be writing comments and getting an adult to sign your book to show they have seen what you have entered for your reading. Home School Books will be collected in every Monday morning.


Times Tables

Please make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We will be doing Cracking Times Tables every Wednesday.

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