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Reader/Writer of the Week

Reader of the Week

Year 3 – Zac Durrell and Miles Martin

Year 4 – Max Martin and John Alexandre Holdsworth

Year 5 – Melissa Callis and Amy Higgs

Year 6 – Georgie Malecki and Chase Cohen-Soanes







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  1. Abiha Khurram Reply

    Im soo happy that i got writer of the week! i put in a lot of effort and it clearly payed off! Thank you soo much Mrs. Hillier!

    • Rafal Reply

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL

  2. Rafal Reply

    I’m soooooooo happy that im writer of the week.

  3. Emma Ashcroft Reply

    I am really proud of Archie for getting reader of the week, he is also very happy that he got it.

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