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Homework 29.11.18

Posted On 29 Nov 2018
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Due: Tuesday 4th December


Year 3


Can I complete a word search?

Please complete the word search sheet you have been given and stick it neatly into your English homework book. Then we would like you to write sentences using each word to show that you understand the meaning correctly. The sentences should be written in your English homework book. Please remember your capital letters and full stops!


e.g. I didn’t have enough money to buy some chocolate from the shop.



Remember we also expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday. Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book.


Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables regularly. A short practise every day is better than once on Sunday! We do Cracking Times Tables every Monday.


Christmas Play

If you have been given a speaking part, please keep practising so that your performance is loud, clear and full of expression.


Remember to let us know as soon as possible if you ever have difficulty completing the homework task.

Mrs Jones and Ms Roome


Year 4

Title – Can I multiply using a compact formal method?

This week we have been practising how to multiply using a compact formal method and then to apply this to solving word problems. For homework choose the section you feel confident with. Please make sure you show all your working out in your book. Remember to read the question carefully.

Make sure you have the short date and title in your homework book, underlined with a ruler.



We have been practising for our Christmas production and our singing is wonderful.   You will need to know the words by heart by Monday as you won’t have them in front of you during the performance.  Performances are on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th December. You will be needed both nights. More details next week.



As usual, we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your Home School Book. We will be collecting Home School Books in on Monday.


Year 5


We have been reading and discussing the article, ‘Are today’s kids turning into couch potatoes?’  For homework, we would like you to complete a survey about your screen habits.  We will use these in class on Tuesday 4th December to make some true statistics about Year 5’s screen habits which we will then use in our writing.  Be as honest as possible when answering all the questions so that our statistics are accurate.


Year 6


L.C Can I solve word problems involving fractions, decimals and percentages?


Reading/Times Tables

Please continue to read as often as you can. Make sure you are also learning your times tables.

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