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Maths at Manor Farm

At Manor Farm, the key skills are split into sections on ‘Number’, ‘Shape’, ‘Space and Measure’ and ‘Handling Data’, and great efforts are made to ensure that connections are made between them. Throughout KS2, pupils are encouraged to use the number system more confidently by calculating using all four number operations in a number of different ways e.g. multi-step problems. They also explore features of shape and space and develop their measuring skills in a range of contexts and are encouraged to discuss and present their methods and reasoning using diagrams, charts and mathematical language.

How we teach Maths in school

The Maths skills that are taught are progressive throughout the children’s time at Manor Farm; as year after year the basic skills are built on and developed through consolidation, reinforcement, extension and challenge, e.g. securing times table knowledge to multiplying using decimals.

All classes have one hour of Maths each day which follow a common format. The lessons are organised into three sections; a mental and oral starter to develop rapid recall of number facts, a whole class session which could reinforce prior learning or could introduce a new skill, and a plenary to reinforce, consolidate learning from the lesson or to extend the children using challenges.

We believe it is important that children are given the opportunity to develop their reasoning and problem solving skills; therefore at Manor Farm we endeavour to include open-ended questioning, discussions and group work in order to develop the children’s logical thinking and to further develop their understanding. These are important key skills that can be transferred into other areas of the curriculum. We also strive to make lessons more interactive by using the Interactive Whiteboard and ICT, investigation and games to engage the children.

How Maths is enriched and how we provide opportunities/support for children

– Mathletes (a group of Year 6 children) help to promote and encourage learning in Maths in many different ways e.g. buddying with other children in the school to enhance their understanding in Maths, helping to organise and plan Maths days.

– Springboard groups to overcome barriers to learning.

– Mathemagician groups to extend and challenge able mathematicians.

– Level 6 groups for very able mathematicians.

– Planning is differentiated four ways to deliver more personalised learning to pupils.

– RM Maths takes place every morning in order to tackle barriers to learning.

– A wide range of resources are shared among each year group to enrich lessons.

– Planning is targeted to the ability of the individuals, not necessarily to their age group e.g. challenges for gifted children.

– Mental Oral Starters at the start of every lesson to build on mental recall skills.

– One to one teaching to children in order to overcome barriers to learning.

– Investigations, where children work more independently to further their understanding.

– ICT opportunities e.g. VLE (Mfoodle) which enables children to access homework and personalised learning opportunities outside of school.

– Visits to John Hampden to take part in Maths master classes which challenge gifted children.

We hold a Maths Day each year to encourage our pupils to experience Maths in a variety of different ways e.g. through murder mysteries, Maths relays and independent investigations. We also invite in visitors to enrich the children experience of maths. Last year we were visited by Andrew Jeffery, a mathemagician, visit our school to wow the children with his mathematical magic!