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Year 4 Summer Term



This half term we will be revisiting biographies through our science topic and local history topic. We will also be looking at stories from other cultures, with the children writing their own tales. We will be learning about fronted adverbials to make our writing more interesting for our readers.

Spelling will continue to be set weekly. Please remember to practise writing them as part of your homework. A good technique is ‘look, cover, write and check’ as you have been shown in class. You should look up the meaning of any unfamiliar words and write them in a sentence to show you understand them. Spellings are tested on Fridays but you should have your spelling book available in school every day.

We have one guided reading session each week and we will continue to study a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, looking at how different texts are organised and how characters within fiction books are developed.



This term we will revisit and develop your understanding of a range of mathematical areas, including:-

-Solving problems involving multiplying and adding, including using the distributive law ​to multiply two digit numbers by one digit, integer scaling problems and harder ​correspondence problems such as n objects are connected to m objects.

-Recognising and using factor pairs and commutativity in mental calculations.

– Multiplying two-digit and three-digit numbers by a one-digit number using formal written layout.

– Fractions; including solving problems involving increasingly harder fractions to calculate quantities and fractions to divide quantities, including non-unit fractions where the answer is a whole number.

– Recognising and writing decimal equivalents to 1/4, 1/2 and ¾.

– Adding and subtract fractions with the same denominator.

– Rounding decimals with one decimal place to the nearest whole number and comparing numbers with the same number of decimal places up to two decimal places.

-Statistics; Including solving comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in bar charts, pictograms, tables and other graphs as well as interpreting and presenting bar and time graphs.



This term we are learning about living things and habitats. Through this unit children will begin to understand the concept of a habitat, how it provides organisms found there with conditions for life and how animals depend on plants or other animals which eat plants for food. They will learn about ways in which organisms are suited to the habitat. We will carry out an experimental and investigative work which will focus on:

  • turning ideas into a form that can be tested, making a prediction
  • making observations
  • deciding whether the evidence supports the prediction and suggesting explanations in terms of their knowledge of science.

Work in this unit also provides opportunities for children to learn about the interdependence of living things and how the environment and living things need to be protected.



This term, we will be looking at Publisher to create persuasive leaflets. We will also learn how to use spreadsheets and revisit computer programming with J2Easy.



Our history this term is linked to the topic of volcanoes and as such we will study the Pompeii disaster in great depth, drawing links to the Roman history we have studied earlier this year. This topic will provide children with a lot of exciting writing opportunities including a news report from the Pompeii Gazette and an emotive diary entry of the Pompeii disaster survivor. We will also study local history which will possibly culminate in a trip to the Wycombe Chair Museum.



We are studying natural processes and disasters and will focus on volcanoes. We will look at the cross section of the volcanoes and will look at under the surface of the Earth to better understand how volcanoes are formed. We will investigate the impact of the temperature on the speed of the lava flow in one of our experiments.


Art and DT

In Art we will be studying the work of  an American artist, Margaret Gofrey and will try to recreate her images of violent volcanoes using a range of techniques including chalk and watercolours. We will also create 3D models of volcanoes using plaster of paris. We are hoping to erupt our volcanoes on the last day of term, using our secret formula.


In DT we will be making healthy smoothies, evaluating existing products on the market, deciding on our own recipes and even designing the labels and packaging. We will then evaluate or products and reflect on possible improvements.



Premier Sport are doing a gymnastics units on Fridays and, weather permitting, we are developing our invasion games skills during PE lessons on Thursdays. As we have to go outside for this session, please remember to bring suitable clothing eg some plain tracksuit bottoms or plain leggings to keep you warm. Year 4 will have a chance to develop swimming skills this term, with the swimming lesson taking place on Tuesdays .



This term the focus will be on exploring places of worship for different religions, reflection on special places for us.



We will continue our programme of activities which develop resilience, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing. We will look at how to make informed decisions on healthy lifestyles and on how to develop economic awareness.



Every week you will be given Maths and English homework. It will be given out on a Thursday and is expected in the following Tuesday. You will have a homework slip and details are also accessible via the school website. In addition to this, we also expect you to learn your times tables (ready for our weekly Cracking Times Table test on Mondays) and you are expected to read at least 4 times a week and record this in your Home School Books with an adult’s signature.


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