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Year 5 Summer term curriculum

For our last term in Year 5 we have some great units of work to cover. In English we will be reading and sharing classic fiction. This is a challenging task due to language and length of many classic children’s stories so we have saved this work until the summer term. We will begin by naming authors and stories of examples of classic fiction and then look at some books in more depth – especially The Hobbit and Just William. We will compare classic and modern fiction and carry out character studies from both. Later in the term we will read and write drama scripts which are set in the past or which contain local dialects. In our last weeks we will read a modern novel together – “There’s A Boy In The Girls’ Bathroom” by Louis Sachar. This is a fun but emotional read. This term’s spellings include ie and ei words, plurals and homophones.

In Maths we start the term by revising multiplication and division – especially using two digit numbers. We will revisit prime, composite, square and cubed numbers and then move on to scaling and ratios. We will work on sorting and classifying shapes, as well as revising area and perimeters of composite shapes and translating and rotating shapes within the four quadrants of a grid.

For the first half of the term our topic work is based on Geography. We will look at plate tectonics, the formation of volcanoes and earthquakes around the Pacific Ring of Fire and in Hawaii and find out about other natural disasters. We are also covering Pure Geography – learning how to use 6 figure grid references and lines of longitude and latitude. We will calculate time differences by comparing the world’s time zones. Later in the term our focus moves to History and we will investigate the Anglos-Saxons and the Vikings and decide whether the Vikings were invaders or settlers.

In Art we are studying the use of perspective and we will draw interior and outside views, trying to get everything in the right place and in proportion. We will also practise the skills of pop-ups – folding and making three dimensional skylines and landscapes. Observational drawing will focus on flowers. Our Science work includes investigating forces – balanced and unbalanced forces, air resistance and up thrust. We will then move on to habitats, animal classification and life cycles, which links to our work on puberty, pregnancy and childbirth in Sex and Relationships Education.

5A now have the opportunity to learn to play a woodwind or brass instrument with our specialist Music teachers, Mrs Lee and Mrs Walker. PE lessons will cover striking and fielding skills and athletics. ICT will be taught every two weeks by our visiting teacher from Turn It On with each class teacher practising the skills with the pupils on alternate weeks – this includes using Excel spreadsheets. Mrs Lindridge has taken over teaching Spanish every Thursday.

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