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Welcome back to an exciting term for Year 5!

We hope that you are feeling rested after the festive break and are looking forward to approaching the term with a positive and motivated attitude.

5A be swimming on Tuesday afternoons and will start on Tuesday 9th January. You will need your swimming kit (tight fitting shorts, not board shorts for boys, and a swimming costume, not a bikini, for girls). If you have long hair please have a swimming hat. We will all still be having our PE sessions with Mr Green on Thursdays. 5B will also have PE on Tuesdays. As the weather is colder, please make sure you have kit with you that will keep you warm – tracksuit bottoms in dark colours are allowed.

In English this term we will begin looking at some classic poetry by authors such as Edward Lear and Alfred Noyes and then we will move onto Stories from Other Cultures – from China, Japan and Africa. We continue with our spelling lessons and learning rules and patterns to help our spelling skills when writing. We begin by looking at the spelling of plurals and then learn words with silent letters. Our grammar for the term begins with work on types of nouns and pronouns, moving on to verbs, adverbs and active and passive sentences.

In Maths we will begin looking at measures – length, weight and capacity. We will convert between units of measures and also between the old imperial and newer metric measures. We will look at train timetables, learning how to read them and planning journeys. We will then move onto data handling – reading line graphs and looking at the range, median, mean and mode. Our work on fractions, decimals and percentages will continue as this is a large area of focus in the Year 5 curriculum.

In Science we shall initially continue with Materials, States of Matter and Changes and then start to study the Earth and Space. This is a topic that really sparks an interest with pupils. We will complete a moon diary so you can observe about what is happening in our night sky and see the phases of the moon. We will learn about the tilt, orbit and spin of the earth and the planets of the solar system. The Ruislip Lido has a fantastic walk for those wanting to know more about the planets, and the relative distances between them.

Later on in the term our work in Geography will link to the Earth as we study the continents, hemispheres, the Poles, time zones and lines of latitude and longitude. We will also continue to learn about the Greeks – discovering who exactly was Alexander The Great, naming Greek Gods, debating whether the Elgin marbles belong in the British Museum and finding out about the original Olympic Games. We will look at the art of Greek pottery and artefacts and also taste and design a Greek menu.

Mrs Tavender will continue to teach computing to Year 5 on Monday afternoons and Mrs Lindridge will teach Spanish on Thursday mornings. 5A will continue to work with the Bucks music teachers up until the February half term break and after that holiday it will be 5B’s turn. Some of  Year 5 will perform in the Bucks Energise Concert in March at the Wycombe Swan theatre and Year 5 will end the spring term by visiting Woodrow High House for their residential.

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