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Year 6 Spring Curriculum



This term we will be looking at Kensuke’s Kingdom, written by Michael Morpurgo. Michael and his dog, Stella, were washed up after falling overboard and the children will be using descriptive writing to describe the island and its atmosphere. We will also be learning about using short sentences to create effect, by showing suspense and particular emotions. Later on, the pupils will be writing survival guides, diary entries and letters. Towards the second half of the Spring term, we will be writing non-chronological reports about some very unusual creatures, and focusing our attention on explanation texts and leaflets following our trip to Hazard Alley.



This term we will be covering area and perimeter of compound shapes and triangles, as well as tackling fractions. We will also be embarking on a mathematical journey through the topics of ratio and proportion, missing angles in shapes, calculating volume and converting measurements of time and capacity. We will also face challenges involving algebra!


Every Friday the children will be immersed in a mathematical investigation, linked to the learning for that week. The children thoroughly enjoy this, and it provides a fantastic opportunity for them to apply their understanding in a different context.


Every Monday we also have an arithmetic lesson. In this arithmetic paper, children are exposed to 40 different mathematical calculations, for which they have to choose an appropriate method and answer accurately. This ranges from adding fractions, multiplying integers and decimals, using chunking for division and column addition and subtraction. As part of these lessons, we are isolating skills to secure the children’s understanding.



Our term of Science kicks off with our unit ‘Evolution and Inheritance.’ Throughout this unit we will be looking at the theories of evolution written by Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace, considering the evidence that they had. We will also be learning about the concept of inheritance and gaining an understanding of how we inherit characteristics from our parents, but also acquire different characteristics based on the environment we are in. We will use this to understand the knowledge behind selective and cross-breeding of animals and living things. Lastly, human evolution lessons will open the children’s minds up to theories about humans evolving from another species, and how this potentially could affect how we evolve in the future.

After half term, our topic of ‘Light up your world’ will begin. This will involve a series of lessons about light. The children will be learning about a number of concepts about light such as: why light travels in straight lines, mirrors reflecting light, refraction and prisms. Towards the end of the term, children will be given the opportunity to design and create shadow puppets, using scientific ideas about light and shadow to create an effective shadow puppet theatre show!


We will be travelling back in time to the Mayan Civilisation in Mesoamerica for our History. We will begin by looking at how the Mayans were discovered and how their society was formed. We will also be learning about the different Gods Mayans worshipped, their religious beliefs and everyday life and culture for the people, including the food that they ate. As part of this topic, we will also be comparing their writing and number system to our own and attempt to crack codes and write messages to our friends using it!


We can’t take the children to South America but we can definitely bring South America to the classroom for Geography this term! We will be learning about the different countries within South America, the various climates and the Andes Mountain range. Lastly, we will be studying one country in particular to learn about their life expectancy, culture and lifestyle. Children will be working in groups to present their findings and to give others an opportunity to learn about a different country.

Design and Technology

The children are very excited about the prospect of D&T this term, as they are creating felt phone cases! We will learn about the importance of a design criteria, and how this is a set list of requirements that their end product must have. We will go through the process of designing our phone cases. After this, the children will be taught about different stitching techniques and various fastening strategies before they must create their template and use felt to sew and create their final design. Needles at the ready!


This term we will be continuing our PSHE programme based around ‘Health and Wellbeing’. This involves a prescriptive approach to address resilience, self-esteem, confidence and ways in which to deal with different emotions. We will be moving onto relationships in the 2ndhalf of the term.


Year 6 will be learning to use animation this term, and will be designing their own based on Kensuke’s Kingdom. They will continue to be supported by a specialist member of our technology team – Turn It On.


Maths or English homework is given out every Thursday, and is due in on the following Tuesday. Each piece of homework should take 30-40 minutes to complete. On top of this, we expect the children to be learning their spellings and times tables.


We have a weekly spelling lesson on a Friday. This term there will be a mixture of spelling patterns to tackle, including the statutory spelling lists expected by the curriculum.


Home School Books are checked every Monday. The expectation is that there are at least 4 pieces of reading logged for every week and that a parent has signed that week’s page.




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