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Y6 Residential Day Three

We awoke to day 3 with the sun shining and a full cooked breakfast. Morning activities were so much fun, laughter could be heard right through the campus. We did a mixture of canoeing and kayaking where children were able to demonstrate some very unique paddling techniques, some even choosing to try without a boat! Other groups zip wired their way through the beautiful grounds,squealing with delight as they went, whilst crate building provided a logistical (yet highly entertaining) dilemma for others.

Lunch was a good old jacket potato with a plethora of toppings to choose from, then it was straight into the afternoon where we had a swap around from the morning’s activities so that all children were given the opportunity to try everything. One group also left campus to go and try their hands (and hard hats) at caving, it was a damp and muddy affair and therefore loved by the children!
Fish and chips followed by waffles and ice cream dealt with their hunger and readied them for yet more evening activities. This evening they are recreating the Olympics and adventure orienteering. How much fun can you cram into one day?

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  1. Mr Sierant

    Some great photos, showing you having a great time. You are lucky to get the chance to do so many activities. Enjoy the rest of your time.

  2. lisa cobb

    fab, thank you for sharing.

  3. Abiha Khurram

    Amazing! I loved this trip it was probably the best by far!