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Maths Day

Last Monday was Maths Day at Manor Farm and we were lucky enough to have the Problem Solving Company with us to provide the children with lots of fun, yet challenging activities! The children worked hard to tackle lots of tricky puzzles and showed that they could work well as part of a team to solve each of them. I was impressed with how lots of the children tried hard to work together and how they listened to each other’s ideas.
Each year group had lots of other maths activities to keep them busy including participating in class surveys, creating graphs, solving mysteries using their mathematical knowledge, making potions, outdoor Maths and much much more!
About the Author
  1. headteacher

    It was wonderful to see pupils across the school really engaged and enjoying the maths activities. There was some great teamwork when solving the puzzles in the hall. Thanks to Miss Weston for organising the day.

  2. Suzanne

    Fantastic idea and lovely to see the kids all working together.