Sports Day

This was another fantastic Sports Day (morning), which this year was blessed with fantastic weather. It was wonderful to see so many parents/family turn up to support the children. Their presence helped create a great atmosphere and pulled us all together as a community. This was one of the best school days of the year for me.

It was also wonderful to have so many parents stay on and have a picnic lunch with their child/children. It would have been a great time for Ofsted to drop in and see what a positive relationship there is between the school and parents. Thank you so much for being with us.

Thanks also to the Premier Sports people, Mr Green and Co, who set up and ran the competition. When I sat down a few years ago with Mr Mills to re-organise the day and how it operated I could never have guessed how well it would run.

Thanks also to our caretaker, Mrs Thomas, who set up the gazebos to provide some shade from the sun.

The scores were expertly counted up by Mrs Payne and Mrs Oxby as the morning went on and the final result was:

1st place – Kestrels with 2542 points

2nd place – Falcons with 2482 points

3rd place – Hawks with 2466 points

4th place – Eagles with 2342 points


Well done Kestrels!


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