Chiltern Open Air Museum

Year 3 Visit to Chiltern Open Air Museum


Last Thursday, Year 3 visited Chiltern Open Air Museum to experience life in the Stone Age as well as an archaeological dig workshop. We didn’t let the miserable weather stop us from enjoying every minute, and making the most of all the activities on offer. An interesting man, called Yan who was dressed in animal skins, met us at the edge of the woods and took us back in time to the Stone Age. We had to imagine that it was 12,000 years ago! He told us all about his tribe, how they hunt for food, build shelters, make clothes and jewellery. We even got the chance to start our own fire using flint and small balls of wool. It was very exciting!  During our session learning about archaeology, we discovered how artefacts can tell us so much about life thousands of years ago. We all had a go at digging for objects, piecing together bits of broken pottery and rooting through dustbins in order to gain information about three different families. Please take a look through our photos of what turned out to be a truly fantastic day!


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