Remembrance Day

Manor Farm Junior School felt it important to mark 100 years since the end of World War One, ensuring the children really understood the significance of this event and the bravery of those that experienced active service.  Through carefully prepared and resourced lessons the children have experienced what it has been like to be in the trenches, looked at the medals awarded to men who have come back from the war, considered first hand diaries and documents from individuals in the war alongside creating art work, watching films and listening to poetry.  Some of the work they have been doing has been displayed in the entrance hall and through the school.

Some year groups went to Tylers Green Village Hall to see the exhibition created by Bill Sadler and the P and TG team which documents the lives of those in the village that passed during World War I.  Alongside this the children walked through the village to find the trees that had been planted, one for each of the fallen men and visited the houses in which they lived.   A huge amount of hard work has been put into this exhibition and the children took so much from this trip.   The volunteers showed such care, generosity, and patience to our children that we want to extend our warmest thanks to them.  The exhibition and trails continue through to 16th November and is free to all who wish to visit.

To reflect the trees planted in Tylers Green we have planted a tree to commemorate the centenary.  We were kindly donated our tree by WyeVale Beaconsfield and our plaque donated by Mr Ellis, a local tree surgeon and created by local artist Holly Whitehouse.  We would like to thank them for their generosity and time in helping us mark this important event.  We also want to thank the families who gave us copies of photos, medals and information on family members who have participated in active service since World War One.  It was amazing to see just how many families have experience of active service and has been wonderful to give further focus to our work.  These photos have been displayed in the entrance hall for those who wish to see these.

Poppies are such a symbol of remembrance and the children have been busy creating at least two each.  Their first has created a powerful display in the entrance hall, and the second has been installed around the school grounds.  Please come and see all their hard work, they are striking and a poignant symbol of remembrance for us.

It has been a humbling and reflective week of work for the children but they have approached the work with compassion, maturity and enthusiasm.  It was important to ensure that they shall never forget the sacrifice that so many gave for us, and we hope this will ensure they never do.



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