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Y6 to the Chiltern Open Air Museum

Year 6 had a fantastic day at The Chiltern Open Air Museum, experiencing life as an evacuee. They were all sent to visit Mr Tom and Mrs Brant to find out what life was like, and how they would have helped with all the chores, such as: washing and drying the clothes; polishing brass until it was shiny; scrubbing spuds for dinner and polishing shoes once they had been mended. They also visited the chapel and looked around a typical house from the 1940’s. They were also able to experience school life and what it was like during the Blitz – this was very authentic as they could hear the bombs being dropped around them!


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  1. Simon

    Thank you for so.e great photos Mrs ketley

  2. Abiha

    Wow! Looks like u all had a great experience there! I remember when I was there on ur 6! So fun!

  3. Lisa

    Looks like a good day, I liked the old fashioned toys!

  4. calum oneill

    hey guys wonderin how you are enjoyin your new schools im enjoying the misbourne. miss you all