Year 5 Football Match

Football day

Manor Farm v Hamilton school

Wednesday 28th November

Match Day 1

They were a very experienced team and we were only on our debut and we started with Kamryn and Stanley as our substitutes. Our goalkeeper was Max, our two defenders were Tom and Tyler and our midfielder was Elisha and finally the front line was Samson up top, left winger was Jimmi and our right winger was Hamzah.


Kick off

They took kick off as soon as the whistle blew and came running into our half. Astonishingly they got past us all, well almost Tom was always there to defend and booted the ball all the way down to Hamzah. Dribbling as fast as he could, he whipped the ball in superbly but it was just an inch away from Jimmi`s foot. They got the ball upfield with a goal kick and then sadly they scored a lucky goal as max saved it but it bounced of him and only had one hand on it so they kicked it in.  We were heartbroken as it was our debut with only minutes till half time. Screech the whistle went.  We knew we had to score Kamryn and Stanley came on for Elisha and Jimmi. Kamryn went left wing and Stanley midfield. After swapping sides we dribbled yet again up the wing lead by Kamryn who whipped in and Samson hit the post. They were able to clear it before we could defend and went over Toms head and they took a shot and it went in .We felt like crying ! We  took our centre and Stanley chipped the ball to Jimmi and amazingly dribbled past all of the defenders and scored a fantastic goal!

We were celebrating our goal and were chanting we can get another but time went and we sadly couldn`t get another goal. We lost 2-1 in disbelief, we shook hands manly and walked to the hall.


By Jimmi, Stanley and Hamzah

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1 Response
  1. Miss W

    Boys – you should be proud of yourselves. A great team effort on your debut. Unlucky. Glad you shook hands like real sportsmen. Go year 5!