Year 6 Football Match

Wednesday 14th November

Year 6 match report

Manor farm vs. Hazlemere C of E   (League Match)

The match started off at 3:30pm. Mrs Ketley and Mr Green told us the starting line-up. It was Jacob L in goal, Harry K and Monty V as the 2 centre backs, Louis C on the left wing and Leo H on the right wing, Tommy F in centre midfield and Tahlia D as the striker. With Ellis and Ryan as the substitutes.

The whistle was blown. It was all quick pressing and going physically defending until the 13th minute when Tommy went in for a sliding tackle and got the ball but then it rolled to one of their players so Tommy decided to go in for another slide tackle but yet again it rolled away from him so he decided to go in for one more try and this time he got the ball and Leo was ready waiting in the box for the ball through and Tommy passed to Leo and he smashed it bottom left Manor Farm 1-0 Hazlemere C of E . The half time whistle blew.

Mr Green and Mrs Ketley said we were working well as a team. That gave us a huge boost in confidence and went into the next half super strong. We had the kick of this time and the ball got played to Ellis then to Louis on the wing who then passed to Ryan and then Ryan smashed it top right. Manor Farm 2-0 Hazlemere C of E.

About 17 minutes in, Tommy was passed the ball near the centre circle he must of thought , lets have a go, so he shot and it was an unsaveable shot that went bottom left. Manor farm 3-0 Hazlemere C of E. Manor Farm kept pressing well and our defensive two of Harry and Monty were very strong at the back, giving Hazlemere no chances.

It was about the 23rd minute and for some reason their player just booted the ball down the pitch straight to Ellis’s feet and Leo was making the perfect goal scoring run and he banged it top right. Manor farm 4-0 Hazlemere C of E.

It was approximately the 28th minute and their player did the exact same silly idea and this time it went to Louis feet and Tahlia made the run through and she smashed it top left. On the 29th minute Tommy took a throw on and their defender miscommunicated with the keeper and the defender scored an own goal and the full time whistle was blown and Manor farm 6-0 Hazlemere C of E

Mrs Ketley said we all played very well!!!


By Tommy and Tahlia


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  1. Mrs Pilgrim

    Well done to all of you. Great football is all about team spirit, supporting each other and everyone doing their bit. It certainly paid off today and you were rewarded with a great result! Keep up the good work. Thanks Tommy and Tahlia for writing such a comprehensive match report. I was sorry to have missed your match.