MF vs Tylers Green Cup Match

Wednesday 12th December

Year 6 football match:

The starting seven was: Jacob. L in GK; the two defenders as Luca and Harry.K ; Ellis was in CM; Louis. C in LM; Leo. H in RM and Tahlia in ST position. The subs to start with were Tommy and Ryan.


Manor Farm against Tylers Green was very evenly balanced in the first half, but they had a few chances. Luckily, we had Harry and Luca in defence to stop their chances. They also had a lot of corners that they didn’t score from because Jacob cleared most of them. When we had our corners, their GK was amazing as he saved all our shots on target. Tahlia pressured up front, but we still couldn’t score.

2nd half and we started off amazingly, as Tommy took the first shot and a brilliant save came from their GK. Ryan had a shot after and hit the post, then Louis C came on and almost scored in the top left corner but yet again he saved it. After this, their striker had a run at goal with Harry chasing after, their striker hesitated and Harry caught up and slid in at the last second as he shot, but Harry got it and it went out for a corner. We were on the attack again and Leo threaded it into Ellis but it had a dodgy bounce, it went just over the top right hand corner.

It finished 0-0 , so it went to penalties. Mrs Ketley said ‘we win together and lose together,  we score together and miss together’. We stood together as a team and hoped we would score. Harry stepped up and banged it straight in the goal. Luckily, the keeper touched it but it still went into the bottom right corner. Then they took their penalty and hit the crossbar. After this, Tommy took his and hit it in the middle again and scored and then they took theirs and they hit it right into bottom left athough Jacob almost got it. Then Ellis took the third and final penalty and we needed it to go in to win, so he placed it top right to win the match!

The final score was:

3-1 on penalties

Manor Farm win.


Everyone agreed our man of the match was Harry for his amazing performance.


By Jacob and Harry

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  1. headteacher

    A good hard-fought result. well done boys and a well written match report