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Reader/Writer of the Week

Reader of the Week

Year 3 – Ethan H

Year 4 – Barnaby C and Chloe P

Year 5 – Alba

Year 6 – Isabelle and Ellis


Writer of the Week

Year 3 – Hajar

Year 4 – Max M and Joel

Year 5 – Alfie M

Year 6 – Assessment Week







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  1. Abiha Khurram Reply

    Im soo happy that i got writer of the week! i put in a lot of effort and it clearly payed off! Thank you soo much Mrs. Hillier!

    • Rafal Reply

      haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LOL

  2. Rafal Reply

    I’m soooooooo happy that im writer of the week.

  3. Emma Ashcroft Reply

    I am really proud of Archie for getting reader of the week, he is also very happy that he got it.

  4. Kirstie Wilson Reply

    Well done everyone

  5. Dulce Alexandre Reply

    Very proud of John, again

  6. Dulce Alexandre Reply

    Very peoud of John

  7. Joanna Froud Reply

    Really proud rather sad that friend had to show me the web site tho ….

  8. Jenny Reply

    Rose came out of school telling me she’d got Reader of the Week. Very happy – thank you x

  9. Mrs Karen Berry Reply

    Very proud of Isabel – would love to know what she wrote!

  10. Lily-Rose Spratt Reply

    I am so happy I am now writer of the week thank you Mrs Hillier!

  11. Ewa Reply

    Well done Alex 🙂

  12. Lily-Rose Spratt Reply

    Well done everyone!

  13. Tom Francis Reply

    Thank you for choosing me as writer of the week Ms.Roome!!!

    Tom Francis

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