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School Parking

We all expect the volume of cars to increase when schools are open however we will not tolerate dangerous parking when you can simply park further away and make it safer for the children.

• Please make sure to not park on bends
• Leave room for pushchairs when parking partly on pavements,
• Please do not park over resident’s driveways or on double yellow lines
• Please don’t park within 10 metres of a junction
• Please do not stop in the road outside the school gates to drop children off

Please be aware that dangerous parking is an offence and can receive a fixed penalty fine. If someone is parked dangerously please call 101 and take note of the registration for us to follow up.

Many thanks

Wycombe Neighbourhood Team

Message Sent By
Justine Pritchard (Police, Neighbourhood Policing Administrator , Thames Valley)

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1 Response
  1. Lisa

    And PLEASE STOP PARKING OPPOSITE JUNIOR SCHOOL!!! it makes it so dangerous to try and cross the road!
    It’s better to be 1 minute late by parking further away than cause an accident or someone gets run over!