River Dart – Final Day!



Raft Building

‘Raft building was very fun, we built them in our groups out of wooden poles and barrels. Our feet got very wet as, when we launched our rafts, we had to drag our feet in the water!’ Ciara


‘Groups 1,2,3 and 4 did raft building on the last day! It was fun! We had to get all the equipment out and share it out equally so everyone had everything. We then, in our groups had to build our rafts and because we didn’t have a lot of time, because we were leaving that day, we had to have our leaders help us. Group 4, which was my group, finished first. We then had to lift it and put it on the water. We then got used to paddling and then everybody was on the water and we started doing races. And the last race we did was massive. And the winner was…….Group 4! Yay!’ Rose


Zip Wire

‘We had to walk up steep steps to a tree with a very long zip wire. We were told to drop a rope after crossing a river. We went really fast and stopped quickly, pulling a special black lever to go down and I really couldn’t hold it for long.’ Harry W


Crate Stacking

‘We built a structure out of crates while standing on them and seeing how high we could get in five minutes. After five minutes, the crates were knocked down and we were lowered to the ground.’ Leo H


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  1. That sounds amazing! I hope everyone had a great time! i remember when i went to River Dart last year, it was absolutely brilliant!It always stays as a core memory, no matter what.