Y6 Staycation

The Year 6 Staycationers (aka SE Dons)

Wow, what a week we have had! It has been action packed with lots of fun, laughter and loads of different activities. Whilst the rest of year 6 have been in Devon, we have been on a trip to the woods, built dens, played at the park, painted pebbles, been bowling and out for lunch and visited Penn Pond for a picnic. We have also created computerised robots, played ninja squirrel (many times!), had a cinema morning and we even bought in scooters and bikes to ride round the playground. We really have had a great week!


I enjoyed going to the woods on the year 6 staycation because it was sunny, we played ninja squirrel, made dens, played on the tyre swings and had a nice walk.” Chase


The Rye was really fun, we jumped on the trampoline. We aslo played on the huge play equipment. Chase fell off the hammock – it was really funny!” Lily- Rose R


We went to Penn Pond on Thursday and we had lots of fun. All of us played games and had ice lollies. We enjoyed it a lot.” Hitarth


I had a really good time at bowling (mostly because I won with 105 points). On my second run I got 3 spares in a row and for lunch I got chicken nuggets, so did Monty.” Freddy


I mostly enjoyed Penn Pond because we got to do obstacle races and a catching game and I went to sleep! We also saw about 10 adorable ducklings.” Monty


When we went to the woods it was really fun because we built huge dens and played ninja squirrel.” James and Sam


I enjoyed bowling because it was really fun. We got to eat there and the food was amazing!” Aamna


On Wednesday, we went bowling at Hollywood bowl, High Wycombe. We travelled by bus to get there and we even stopped off at The Rye for a bit! Bowling, in my opinion, was the best bit of the day because the food was divine and the actual game was really fun! On Thursday, we went to Penn Pond. We walked there and had a picnic. We even had ice-cream too! We played ninja squirrel and a catching game on the green.” Lily-Rose S


This week we took a trip to town. While we were there we went to The Rye. We all had a fun time playing in the park.”  Amy


We walked from the school to Penn Pond. Then we played game. After we played, we made an obstacle course. Then we played a catching game and then we ate our lunch. Then we played a few more games.” Jamie


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