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Year 4

English Homework

Film project research


As part of our Creative Writing Project this half term we will be writing scripts to perform and film. For homework, please research more information about your chosen news topic,

e.g. endangered animals, problems caused by plastic pollution, traffic issues in High Wycombe- whatever topic you are working on.


When researching you should consider 5 W’s Who? What? Where? When? Why and How?

This information will be used to help prepare your script so it can be in note form. Please bring your information to school on Monday if possible.

Date for your diaries

Our films will be shared at a special event to be held at Manor Farm  between 4 and 7pm on Monday 8th July. Parents and children from Cedar Park, Widmer End and Manor Farm will  showcase their films and share their work. Formal invitations will be coming home in due course.


Year 5

English Homework.

Can I answer a range of grammar?

In our SPAG lessons we have looked at many new things this year, but it is also important to remind ourselves of things we have looked at before.  For homework, you have been given some questions to answer which you need to complete on the sheet. Please make sure you work neatly and carefully.  We shall be going through your answers on Monday afternoon. This means if there are any questions you have found really tricky we can go through this with you.

Can you also bring in a book you have really enjoyed? You must know it well and have finished it. You need it for Monday as we will be writing a book review.


Year 6

On Monday, we will be writing biographies based on Neil Armstrong – this year it celebrates 50 years since the Moon Landings. Find some information about this historic event and in particular Neil Armstrong and his life. Make some subheadings in your books. The more information you can collect, the more information you will have to work with when doing your writing.

Subheadings –


  • Early life and childhood
  • Career
  • Education
  • Family
  • Important Events



Spellings to be tested

We are continuing to work on your spellings, please ensure you have practiced 10 words from the statutory list given to you. You will still be tested on a Friday.


Times Tables – Continue to practise your times tables ready for Cracking Times Tables on Wednesday.


Reading – Remember to read at least 4 times a week and make a comment on your books. You must continue to hand your book in on a Monday morning.     


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