Y5 at Woodrow

Year 5 were blessed with a beautiful day for their visit to Woodrow High House. The sun shone on this green Chilterns setting as the children circulated round four activities – archery, pioneering, night line and a ropes course. We had a long lunch break where we could play games too. We hope everyone faced and overcame new challenges and we certainly learnt a lot about teamwork and communicating well with each other.



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  1. Alfie Manser

    Thank you so much Mrs Baker, Miss Wolfe, Mrs Lees, Mrs Rooney, Mrs Bravington and also Mrs Whitford (Sorry if i spelt your name wrong!) It was a great fun and i will remember it for life. Thank you to all the staff who spent there time with us!

    • Alfie Manser

      Also the staff that helped us with the activities :I