Year 5 Team Up with The Royal Grammar School

This term Year 5 have teamed up with the Royal Grammar School. Teachers from RGS met with the Year 5 staff on INSET day after the half term holiday to plan some lessons which will take place at Manor Farm. This half term seven teachers from RGS are coming to work with Year 5.


So, on Wednesday 12th June, three Science teachers visited to give Year 5 a taste of Science lessons at secondary school. Mr Harris, a Physics teacher, showed us loads of amazing things about light. We looked at coloured pixels on i-pads and phone screens and then wore special glasses to split light into colours of the spectrum. He showed us optical illusions and explained how the rods in the retina of our eyes work with red, blue and green to let us see colours.


Mr Rowe and Mr Wood, both Biology teachers, taught a lesson on Invisible World. We used mini scanners to look at body cells (such as in the gut, the windpipe and in the blood) and then used sellotape and nail varnish to strip cells off a leaf – with a microscope we could see the stomata which let the gases used for photosynthesis in and out.


Coming next are Geography lessons on managing a natural disaster and History lessons on Beowulf! Watch this space!


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