Sports Day

This was another fantastic Sports Day (morning), which once again had good weather. It was wonderful to see so many parents/family turn up to support the children. Their presence helped create a great atmosphere and pulled us all together as a community. This is one of the best school days of the year for me.

It was also wonderful to have so many parents stay on to the bbq and picnic lunch with their child/children.

Thanks also to the Premier Sports people, Mr Green and Co, who set up and ran the competition. When I sat down a few years ago with Mr Mills to re-organise the day and how it operated I could never have guessed how well it would run.

We have some very talented ‘athletes’ and it was great to see them and indeed all the children take part in such a positive way.

Thanks also to our caretaker, Mrs Thomas, who set up the gazebos and the refreshment areas. Thanks also to her sons who helped at the start and finish of the event.

Thanks to Mrs Sumner who ran the refreshment stall and to Mr Light for being our bbq chef.

Thanks to the ex-pupils who came along and helped.

The scores were expertly counted up by Mrs Prior as the morning went on and the final result was:

1st: Falcons – 2687

2nd: Kestrels – 2670

3rd: Eagles – 2578

4th: Hawks – 2539


Well done Falcons!

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