Year 5 visit The Royal Grammar School

On the morning of 9th July, thirty lucky Year 5 pupils headed off to The Royal Grammar School. They kindly provided two minibuses to whip us down the road to their site where we enjoyed two lessons “secondary school style.”

The first was with the wonderful Physics teacher, Mr Harris. He had already taught us about Light back at Manor Farm but now we were on his territory, in his laboratory, to learn about gas pressures. He showed us how in a blown up balloon there are gas particles colliding to get out and particles wanting to get in. He used his “hoover machine” to suck the air out of a chamber and this made the balloon inflate and water boil. Mr Harris and Louie heated a tin can and then deflated it by turning the gas inside back into liquid.

Then off to Art where two talented Art teachers showed us how to create a monoprint of our initial in the funky style of  Nikki Farquharson. We used printing ink to create patterns inside our letter and then placed this on a collage background and mounted our work. The quality of our Art was high.

We were impressed by the size of RGS. We never thought we would find our way around.

Thank you to all the staff who taught us, drove us and to Mr Wood who organised our visit. We loved it!


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