Homework 19.9.19

Year 3 

Due in on Tuesday 24th September


Title: Can I write numbers using digits and words?

For your maths homework this week, we would like you to attempt all the questions on the sheet that has been given to you.

You should remember to write a beautifully neat date and title in your maths homework book, and underline them with a ruler. Please do not write on the sheet, but show us any working out and answers in your book.


Please complete your homework using a pencil.

Remember we also expect you to read at home at least 4 times a week and record this in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday to look at your reading record for the previous week and will be awarding house points for the amount of reading you have completed.

Also remember to practise your times tables for our cracking times tables test on Monday.

If you ever have any trouble completing your homework please come and speak to us.


Mrs Jones and Ms Roome


Year 4

Week 3 Homework

LC Can I identify the features of a news report? 

This week we have been looking at how newspaper reports are written. For homework we would like you to find a suitable newspaper report.This can be a paper copy or one you could read online. (First News is a weekly newspaper written for children). 

This could be a local news report, sports report or a current news event. Read and discuss it with an adult.  Remember to identify the 5 Ws (who, when, where, what and why?) You need to identify the features of a news report as we did in class using the sheet provided.

Please cut out the report and stick it neatly into your homework book. Stick the completed chart underneath. 

Challenge: Invent a new headline for your news report.   


Due in on Tuesday 24th September.


Mrs Pilgrim’s group:

To be learnt for a test next Wednesday 25th September

Spellings – suffix:












Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(for a house-point each word)




Mrs Wendes’ group:

To be learnt for a test next Wednesday 25th September

Spellings -ly suffix:










Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(for a house-point each word)




Mrs Pryce’s group:

To be learnt for a test next Wednesday 25th September

Spellings- adding -er-ing-est -ed-y to one syllable words ending with two consonants









(ten words will be taken from these to test them on their understanding of the rule)


Statutory Spellings for Y3/4: 

(for a house point each word)




Mrs White’s group:

To be learnt for a test next Wednesday 25th September













Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(for a house-point each word)




Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We will be doing Cracking Times Tables on Monday! 



Reading regularly is essential to help improve all aspects of your learning as well as being an excellent way to relax! You are expected to read at least 4 times/week but aim to read everyday if possible! House points are awarded for reading and recording what you have read. We will be collecting Home School Books in on Monday.

Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Wendes, Mrs Pilgrim, and Mrs Ketley


Year 5

English Homework: due on Tuesday 24th September

Can I create a new Greek God?

This week’s homework is a chance for you to use your imagination.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the start of our work on Ancient Greeks and their Gods. So…..

Zeus has decided that Olympus feels a little empty, so he’s recruited some new gods. However, due to an error, you have been chosen as a new member of Mount Olympus. What are you the god of, and what are your first three godly acts?  Why have you chosen to do these three things?

You might choose something like…

God of getting that extra sleep you need. Your first act might be to create a time-freezing machine for those who didn’t sleep enough in the morning so they can get all they need to.  You might become the God of Silence. Imagine shutting the noise out in your life: babies crying, siblings fighting, creaking floorboards. Just pure silence. Or you might become God of Lemon Scented Cleaning Supplies and start a war with the God of Pine Scented Cleaning Supplies.

Please write your reply to these questions in your English homework book.  Please make sure you work neatly, using pen and write a date and title in your books.  We can’t wait to read them!

Year 6

Homework due in Tuesday 26th September


This week you need to complete the maths sheet that was given to you. PLEASE  do not do it on the sheet, but answer in your maths homework books.

Your title is …

Can I divide and multiply by 10, 100 and 1000?

Do not forget that your Cracking Times Tables are tested every Wednesday and you are expected to improve each week. Make sure you practise!


After assessment week we are going to be writing character descriptions in class. We would like you to think of a favourite book character and create a bank of words to describe them. Please make sure you spend at least 30 minutes on this, use a thesaurus if you need to so you get some great adjectives. Remember how we are trying to develop your language and vocabulary! Think about their personality, appearance, what they wear and how they are with other characters in the story. If a great sentence comes to mind then write it down too!

Your title is …

Can I write an accurate character description?


Keep practising your spellings ready for Monday’s test and make sure you have done all of your sentences


Remember to read each night and make sure you record your reading at least 4 times each week. An adult MUST sign your Home School Book for you. Home School Books are checked every Monday morning.



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