Year 4 – Creative Writing Project

On Monday, we launched our creative writing project with Cedar Park and Widmer End schools.  We enjoyed a morning of fun activities, with 4A being paired up with Widmer End and 4B with Cedar Park. 


During the morning, the children experienced a drama session run by Sue Bevan, where they looked at movement and expression, responded to letters from a wizard and had to take a journey to find a dinosaur in a dark, gloomy cave. 


They were also paired up with a pupil from their partner school, who will now be their pen pal. With some ‘get to know you’ activities, the children were able to start building friendships with their new pen pal and have since written their first letter to them. We have had some fantastic letters written already and are looking forward to enjoying more events over the year.


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  1. Kelly Atkinson

    Cameron loved this and had so much in common with the boy from Cedar Park, good match.