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Posted On 03 Oct 2019
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Year 3 

Due in on Tuesday 8th October



Title: Can I find value and complete patterns? 

For your maths homework this week, we would like you to attempt section 11 and 12 on the sheet that has been provided. Those of you who would like a challenge should have a go at section 13 too.

Please remember to write a beautifully neat date and title in your maths homework book, and underline them with a ruler. Please do not write on the sheet, but show us any working out and answers in your book. 

Please complete your homework using a pencil.

Remember we also expect you to read at home at least 4 times a week and record this in your Home School Book. We will collect home school books in every Monday to look at your reading record for the previous week and will be awarding house points for the amount of reading you have completed. 


Also remember to practise your times tables for our cracking times tables test on Monday.


If you ever have any trouble completing your homework please come and speak to us. 


Mrs Jones and Ms Roome


Year 4


DUE Monday 7th October

As part of National Poetry week, we will be having a visit from a poet called James Carter. For homework we would like you to research his poems on the following website: http://www.jamescarterpoet.co.uk/poems.html

Please choose a poem you like and copy it into your homework book in your best handwriting.  We would like you to practise reading it aloud as we will be reading it out in class. You should practise reading it slowly, clearly and with expression. 

If accessing the poems on-line is a problem, please discuss it with us. 



Mrs Pilgrim’s group:

To be learnt for a test next Wednesday 9th October












Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(or a house-point each word)




Mrs Wendes’ group:

To be learnt for a test next Wednesday 9th  October

Suffix -ed -ing

forget /forgetting

begin/ beginning 

prefer/ preferring 

garden/ gardening 

limit/limited/ limiting

cover/ covered

thunder /thundered/ thundering



Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(for a house-point each word)




Mrs Pryce’s group:

To be learnt for a test next Wednesday 9th October

Spellings- split diagraph i_e, a_e, o_e – stretches the vowel sound- take e off and add suffix


smile, smiled, smiling 

fine – finer, finest 

laze – lazy, lazing

wide, wider widest

hope , hoped, hoping

like, liked, liking

bake, baker, baking, baked


Statutory Spellings for Y3/4: 

(for a house point each word)




Mrs White’s group:

To be learnt for a test next Wednesday 9th October













Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(for a house-point each word)




Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We will be doing Cracking Times Tables on Monday! 



Reading regularly is essential to help improve all aspects of your learning as well as being an excellent way to relax! You are expected to read at least 4 times/week but aim to read everyday if possible! House points are awarded for reading and recording what you have read. 

We will be collecting Home School Books in on Monday. Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Wendes, Mrs Pilgrim, and Mrs Ketley



Year 5 

English Homework

We been looking at and reading ancient Greek myths. We have read the stories of Hercules, the Trojan Horse and Odysseus. For your homework we want you to listen to some new Ancient Greek myths. You can use the Storynory website to do this-http://www.storynory.com/archives/ – they have an amazing collection of audio stories to listen to. Go to the website, go to the Myths and World section and then select Greek myths. We want you to listen to two of the following myths:

You can recap Hercules, Helen of Troy/ The Wooden Horse or Odysseus.


Then listen to one of these new myths:

The Boy Who Flew Too High

The Minotaur



Andromeda and Perseus

King Midas

Write down the names of the myths you listened to in your Home School Book and ask a parent to sign and confirm this. You could also jot down some new ideas from the stories you listen to which you could use next week when you write your own myth. Please can you do this by Monday as this is when we check Home School Books. Thank you!


Year 6

Homework due in Tuesday 8th  October


Next week is National Poetry week,we will be visited by the poet  James Carter, please look at his website


Find one of his poems that you enjoy. Write out the poem in your neatest handwriting in your English homework book and be ready to read it out in class next week, you can challenge yourself further by learning the poem off by heart. Remember to think about expression or actions you might like to include when reading your poem out.

We are looking forward to hearing lots of lovely poems next week.

Do not forget that your Cracking Times Tables are tested every Wednesday and you are expected to improve each week. Make sure you practise!


Remember to read each night and make sure you record your reading at least 4 times each week. An adult MUST sign your Home School Book for you. Home School Books are checked every Monday morning.

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