Christmas Lights Parade

On Thursday, I was one of the lucky children who got to go to the parade. When we were there it was amazing. We all marched around town while they played Christmas music. As we walked, elves were walking by us. Near the end we got to watch people dancing. It was brilliant.’ AH


Going to the light parade was the best parade I have ever been to. I loved every single second, the dancers and everything. I think what made it so special is that I shared the moment with my very best friends.’ OJ


I’d like to say thank you to the staff who came to the Christmas parade. I also liked that we got to see the Mayor.’ AC


It was amazing seeing Scarlett on stage and watching the dancing and singing in the parade. I also enjoyed having doughnuts after the parade and dances.’ AK


The thing I liked about the Christmas parade is when we got to meet the Mayor and lots of people I have never met before. I liked it when we got to see the band on stage and lots of parents as we paraded. I also liked seeing the Christmas lights.’ GC


I loved the fact that I performed at the Christmas lights switch on. I want to say a huge thank you to the staff. Although I didn’t go with Manor Farm, I performed on stage while I saw Manor Farm chanting in the front row “Scarlett”. It was a miracle, I really appreciate the chance to be there.’ SG




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  1. Mandy

    It was a fantastic evening – what a wonderful opportunity for the kids. Thank you very much to the staff for giving up their evening to take them (especially as it was so much more of their evening than planned! )

  2. Amaria

    So cute and lovely they look like they have had a lovely night and they are enjoying them self’s I just love arbaz with his face so so happy