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Year 3


You have all worked very hard creating your own innovations based on our model text and the story of “The Day The Crayons Quit”. Now we would like you to use everything we have learnt and practised so far, and turn your ideas into a brand new story using the title “The Day The Clothes Quit”. Please remember to apply our Everyday Toolkit to your writing, as well as our Class Toolkit for the story itself. Our top tip is to keep to the structure of the model text, which you know very well indeed, as this will help you to remember the underlying patterns that will form the basis of your new story. As always, please present your work beautifully and use a writing pencil. Good luck!


  • Punctuation
  • Conjunctions
  • Sight Spelling Words
  • Have A Go Spelling Words
  • Handwriting
  • Effective adjectives
  • Noun phrases
  • Show, don’t tell (describe body language/emotions)
  • Structure: opening build up, problem, resolution, ending



On our return to school in January, we will be starting a new topic which is multiplication. Therefore, it would really benefit you to practise your times tables as much as possible during the holidays.


Why not try having a go at accessing the following website to enhance your skills:


Also, we would like you to write and solve 3 word problems linked to addition and subtraction calculations. Challenge yourself to include numbers up to 4 digits. You may wish to include more than 1 step, and even a bar model!


For example:

Mr Davies saves £2651.

Mrs Davies saves £2150 more than Mr Davies.


How much does Mrs Davies save?

How much do they save altogether?


All work should be clearly named and brought into school on Tuesday 7th January.


Happy Christmas from all of us in Year 3!


Year 4

Please click on the link below:

Y4 winter break homework


Year 5

Dear Year 5,
We are very sorry to have missed you at the end of this term. We have attached some of the work we would have been doing this week to the website for you to have a go at over the week.
Maths: We are continuing to look at fractions of amounts. We have a quiz and some challenge cards for you to have a go at. Please don’t panic if they are too tricky, just do your best!
English: Please complete the reading challenge set last week. Read three books and  review them – a short and snappy review for each one will do. Use your own paper. Miss Roome will still enter these for the certificate and bookmark  Keep practicing your spellings from the year 5/6 words list given to you last Friday.
Quiz: We have also given your a christmas quiz we prepared for this week. Maybe you could try it with your family?
Thank you for all of your hard work and thank you to your parents for all of your support throughout the term. We are sorry we couldn’t have seen you to say goodbye. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all in January 2020!
From all of the Year 5 team.


Year 6

Dear Year 6,
We all hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday, we are sorry we have not had a chance to wish you all well. Please take the next few days to complete the work below. As you do not have your homework books at home, please write any of your work on your own paper  or you could even use a computer to do the creative writing tasks, SPAG hunt and answer the comprehension questions. You are not expected to print any of the work out (if you would like you then you are more than welcome!)
Be ready to hand in all the work you have completed on Tuesday 7th January
Have fun
From Mrs Atkinson, Mrs Hillier, Miss Weston

1. Comprehension The Cave – Complete both question sheets

2. SPAG hunt – read the text and write your answers on the given sheet

3. Choose at least 1 creative writing task from the powerpoint, have fun and be creative with your writing. You could present it in anyway you wish
4. Complete the Maths Quiz
5. Winter reading challenge – to read three books and write a book review for Mrs Roome
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