After investigating possible solutions to provide heating in school for the remainder of this week, the decision has been made to close the school for this term. It is very cold in the building and this is after a mild night. The weather forecast is predicting a much colder spell, which will make the building even colder. Room temperatures today were around 9 to 10 degrees. A county engineer visited school this morning to determine if it was possible to make use of electric heating. Our electrical system is dated and could only allow for one low power heater per classroom and no other rooms. We were advised that these heaters would provide very little heat to rooms. To heat the hall we could only use 2 of these 8 to heat the hall. After a lot of thought and consideration, which included the opinions of all staff, I made the decision to close the school for the remainder of this week and therefore the term. You should have received an email outlining provision we have made for schoolwork and the re-arrangements for the school Christmas Production. My apologies for the inconvenience this is probably causing you.


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2 Responses
  1. Elizabeth Judge

    We appreciate his has not been an easy decision to make and although it is a shame we have had to end the term in this way you have clearly acted in the best interests of the children. Wishing all at Manor Farm Junior School a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.