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Posted On 30 Jan 2020
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Year 3 

Due in by Tuesday 4th February


Can I fill the gaps?

For your English homework this week, we would like you to fill the gaps in our model text because some of the words have been deleted. You should try your very best to spell them correctly too. HINT: think about the actions we use to jog your memories!

Please stick your sheets in this week, and remember to write a beautifully neat date and title (which should be underlined).


Times Tables and Reading

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We do Cracking Times Tables every Monday. 

Remember we expect you to record at least 4 pieces of reading in your home school book. We will collect home school books in every Monday. Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book. 

Mrs Jones and Ms Roome



Year 4

Roman Day Project


Making a Roman Shield

As you know we are holding a Roman Day on Tuesday 25th February. One activity in the day will involve learning how to drill as Roman soldiers. To add to the atmosphere we would like the children to make their own shields. 

Here is a link to a video suggestion for how you could make one or there are many other ideas on Pinterest or the internet generally.

We hope this will be a fun activity to share with your child over the holiday period.


It would be lovely for you to put your own spin on the design.



This week’s homework is to make a Tourist Leaflet about a Roman Bath. The leaflet needs to explain the benefits of Roman Baths, what different rooms there are and what other activities are available, when visiting. Use positive persuasive language to make it sound like a good place to go, as if you were still in Roman times. 

Enjoy the warm feel of the healing water followed by a refreshing dip in the Frigidarium. An excellent place to meet up with friends and discuss current topics, whilst enjoying a variety of entertainment.


Describe the different rooms you can visit, as well as the entertainment you can enjoy whilst there.

Please use the notes from your history lesson and also any information from your own research. Here are a couple of links that might be helpful:





This homework is to run over the following TWO weeks. To be handed in on the 11th of February. We will then share it in class and stick it in your History books. Please ensure your work is neat and to a high standard.


Mrs Pilgrim’s group:

To be learnt for a test next FRIDAY 7th February 2020

Spelling pattern:Making adjectives using  ‘ous’ 


poison/ poisonous

mountain / mountainous

hazard / hazardous


nerve / nervous

ridicule/ ridiculous

space / spacious

fury/ furious 

mystery / mysterious

prosper / prosperous


 Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(or a house-point each word)




Mrs Wendes’ group

To be learnt for a test next 

FRIDAY 7th February

Spelling suffix:  -cian which tells us about a person’s job














Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(or a house-point each word)


eight/ eighth


Mr Shorey’s Group

To be learnt for a test next 

FRIDAY 7TH February

Spelling rule: a short ‘i’ in the middle  of a word is spelt with a ‘y’













Statutory Spellings for Y3/4:

(or a house-point each word)




Mrs White’s group:

Each child will have their own list in their spelling books. They are tested daily. Please support them by  practicing them each day at home.


Times Tables

Make sure you are also learning your times tables every day. We will be doing Cracking Times Tables on Monday! 



Reading regularly is essential to help improve all aspects of your learning as well as being an excellent way to relax! You are expected to read at least 4 times/week but aim to read everyday if possible! House points are awarded for reading and recording what you have read. 

We will be collecting HomeSchool Books in on Monday. Please make sure you get an adult to sign your book.

Have a lovely weekend ☺

Mrs Wendes, Mrs Pilgrim, and Mrs Richards



Year 5 

Phases of the Moon

As part of our Science work on Space we would like you to keep a diary of the moon for the month of February. We have given you a diary sheet to record this. You need to look for the moon each night and note the shape of the illuminated part which you can see. Record this by shading the circle on you diary yellow for the illuminated part and black for the dark part. You should see all the phases of the moon in this month (weather and cloud permitting!) return this to school at the end of the month.


We have also given you a sheet to make a flip book of the moon phases – cut out the sixteen rectangles and attach them together on the light grey side ONLY (NOT both sides).Make sure they are all up the same way! You should be able to then flip through the little pages and see the moon change.


5A – remember you have spelling test on Wednesday on cial/tial words

 Energize Pupils

Remember you are going to a day rehearsal on Monday 3rd February. Remember words, packed lunch and water. Wear uniform – if girls can wear trousers on this day it will be helpful as you may have to perform the dance in bare feet and trousers will be easier to manage than tights.


 Non-Energize Pupils

If you have any egg boxes or newspapers at home please bring them in on Monday.

February 2020-My-Moon-Diary-Editable



Year 6


Due in Tuesday 2nd February

Please complete the ratio worksheet in your maths homework book NOT on the sheet. You have been learning about ratio and proportion all week, so this should consolidate your learning.


You need to learn your spellings ready for the test on Wednesday 5th February.

Times Tables

Remember to learn your tables and earn more raffle tickets!


Please record all your reading and keep working on the Year 6 Reading Challenge. Remember to hand it in on Monday.

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