Coronavirus (Covid-19) – The School Response

Coronavirus (Covid-19) – The School Response

I want to inform you how we, as a school, are responding to the latest situation with regard to Coronavirus. Like all schools we are maintaining a careful watch on the matter, to make sure that our response is proportionate and calm. We all – staff, pupils and parents – have a part to play in maintaining that position.

What we have done:

We have re-iterated messages about personal hygiene to all pupils, and made sure that the school has adequate soap for everyone to use. We have organised a handwashing period, for ALL pupils to wash their hands before they eat their lunch. Our cleaning team come on a daily basis and are making sure that the school is as hygienic as possible. All classes have been discussing issues related to the virus and what the responsibility of everyone is, to help keep this at bay.

I receive daily updates from various government and local authority and health sources. The most recent such communication stated that no school should close in response to a suspected or confirmed case unless directed to do so by Public Health England. We will continue to monitor the advice from the relevant authorities carefully and act on it prudently if required.

What parents need to do:

I ask that parents follow the advice that has been issued to all citizens. This is readily available at

At this time of year there are pupil absences due to seasonal colds, coughs and sneezes. If you do keep your child off school because of ill health, we would be grateful if you could communicate the specific reason to us when you advise us of the absence. This will help us monitor any patterns within the school community. In the unlikely event that you are asked to get your child tested for Covid-19 we would be grateful to know that as well. You should always inform us if your child is absent as a part of our Child Protection Policy

In addition please inform us of any close family member who has returned from abroad in the last month. Also if any family member has been in contact with someone at work who has developed symptoms or been tested, please let us know. The more information we can gather, the easier and better for us to identify any child who could be at higher risk

What might we do?

It is difficult to predict what might happen over the next few weeks. Should we have a close encounter with the virus we will be contacted by Public Health England who will instruct us on appropriate action. This action would be dependent on the specific details of each individual case, meaning that it is not possible to provide any information in advance.

I have included an attachment, which outlines for you our Progression of Restrictions/Staged Response for dealing with the situation. When you look at this document you will see 4 response stages. We are currently at Stage 2 – Prevention.

There is currently no cause for concern at Manor Farm Community Junior School and we are operating as usual. I will keep you informed of any updated information and advice received.

Coronavirus – Risk Assessment

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