Remote Learning – Half Term!

Well done everyone; you’ve made it through a half term of remote learning!

The last few weeks have certainly been immensely challenging, haven’t they? We all had to adapt to lockdown and remote learning very quickly. For some of you parents, you’ve had to simultaneously carry out your own work from home while supervising your child’s schooling; we know first-hand just how difficult this is to manage. Parents, pupils, and staff have all responding so positively and have just got on with the job at hand.

The use of Google Classroom enabled us to provide remote learning promptly and there has been a high level of engagement by pupils. As a school, we are constantly reviewing what we are offering and looking for ways to make improvements.

The staff has worked incredibly hard in developing the resources they provide for pupils. Both live and recorded teaching and learning have been used, as well as online content such as BBC bitesize. In the past few weeks, we have engaged some children in online reading on a regular basis, involving small groups of children and a member of staff. This has been tremendously successful!

While also providing remote learning, our staff have been in school looking after key worker children. Though this has increased their workload, our staff have risen to the challenge, making sure the children are happy, safe and well looked after. Our key worker children have also enjoyed the art, sport, music and Forest School as part of their day. A thank you to all involved in providing this.

The click and collect system for our library books has been well received, with children and parents coming to the main entrance of the school to drop off books or collect a new read. In the space of 6 weeks, we have all come a long way in making the remote learning experience better.

We are so grateful for your encouraging emails, thanking us for our hard work and provisions; these give everyone in the school a big boost and helps us to keep pressing on. The staff has also appreciated your generous gifts – from sweet goodies (very much needed with our afternoon cuppa!) to wonderful Body Shop pampering gifts. You really are a very kind, thoughtful, and considerate community!

As the evenings get a little lighter, so also does our world. We can see the beginnings of hope blooming, like snowdrops on a cold day in February. Restrictions will come to an end, and we’ll be able to celebrate being together again.

We do hope you have a restful and relaxing half term. Stay safe.

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