End of Spring Term

The end of Spring Term – and what a whirlwind it has been! We started in lockdown and virtual learning (which you all did so brilliantly with – well done!) and ended with the return of all pupils. We have all very much enjoyed having the children back, hearing the hubbub of laughter and chatter, and seeing them run around on the playground with their friends. Even with all the restrictions we still must have in place, the last four weeks have felt like a little bit of normal life returning.

We do recognise that you, parents, may still feel a little isolated from school life, and therefore we’ll be doing our best to showcase highlights of the week in pictures as much as possible…

Year 6 A had fun getting all creative this week with their collaborative printing based on zentangle patterns.

Year 6B have been working hard on a research project on an explorer of their choice. They have used books and laptops to find all their own information and then are producing big displays/information sheet. They have looked at the bias of primary and secondary source and how this impacts our view of history today.

5A have been very busy in DT. I’m sure there was much excitement when the class realised they were going to get some hands-on experience with glue guns and hacksaws for this lesson! The wonderful end result were these Truss Bridges. Well done Year 5A!


And lastly, shield winners….

and winners of the World Book Day Competitions , who were thrilled to receive their Usborne book prizes this week!


We do hope that you have a restful break, enjoy lots of fresh air and the joy of meeting others socially outside again (adhering to government guidelines, of course. Oh, and wrapping up warmly for the predicted cold weather!).


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