This Week in Pictures

Here we are at the beginning of May and yet isn’t it still so cold? I think we’re all hoping for a repeat of last year’s wonderful summery weather very soon. In the meantime, here are some fantastic photos of your children to cheer you up. Grab a cuppa and have a scroll!

Year 6A have been busy designing their steady hand games which they will build as part of their work about electrical circuits in both Science and Design and Technology.

Year 6B have been creating circuits using buzzers and switches in science. The children had great fun learning how to create their own pressure and peg switches.

5A  and B looked at symmetrical and abstract art and created their own. They dotted black paint onto white paper then folded it in half. They then analysed what the picture looked like to them and used a pen to draw some added features.


Year 4 loved exploring various animals through augmented reality. They also learnt to classify them by answering key questions.


Year 3 were very creative during drama lessons as part of their Talk 4 Writing.

And lastly, the whole school had great fun taking part in Number Day to raise money for the NSPCC. The children enjoyed working out questions on each other’s t-shirts, using stop clocks in PE, doing sudoku, and even making firing robots in year 5! (They had to measure how far their robot could fire and work out the mean). Then the whole school took part in a national TTRS competition.


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