Admissions for 2021

School places are mostly filled by children who attend Manor Farm Infant School. During the summer term, Junior School and Infant School staff meet regularly as part of the transition process.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, we are unfortunately unable to offer you a tour of our school. However, we do have a  a virtual tour which you may find helpful, and you can download a copy of our prospectus.

Who to Contact

All our admissions, whether they are for children starting school for the first time or for in-year applications, are dealt with by Buckinghamshire Council in accordance with their admission policies. The school’s published admission number is 60 per year group. Full information may be found on the Buckinghamshire Council Website

Click the link to contact the Admissions and Transport Team.

Click the link for Buckinghamshire Council School Admissions Arrangements 2021/2022 for starting school in September 2021.

Click the link for Buckinghamshire Council School Admissions Arrangements 2020/2021 for starting school in September 2020.

In-Year Applications

Please read the in-year admissions guide on the Buckinghamshire Council Website .

Waiting Lists

Please note that Buckinghamshire Council hold all our waiting lists so the school is not able to inform you of the length of these waiting lists.

Other links you may find useful

Find my child a school place

Admissions Policies and Statistics

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.