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Recommended Readings

Recommended books for Year 3 Recommended books for Year 4 Recommended books for Year 5 Recommended books for Year 6

Homework 13.12.2019

Year 5 Information for the last week of term   Next week we will be performing in our school Christmas play “It’s Christmas!”. There will be performances on Monday afternoon and on the evenings of Tuesday and Wednesday. Children are expected to attend al...

Homework 06.12.19

Year 3 Due in on Tuesday 10th December Maths Can I solve word problems?  For your maths homework this week, we would like you to attempt as many questions as you can within 30 minutes. You may write on the sheet that has been given to you.  Please complete your homework using a...

Homework 29.11.2019

Year 3    English Can I recite text using actions and picture clues? For your English homework this week, we would like you to practise reciting our model text using the actions and picture clues shown to you in class. We have provided you with the text map and model text to...

Homework. 21.11.2019

Year 3   Maths Title: Can I subtract? For your maths homework this week, we would like you to attempt some subtraction calculations using the column method. Try your best to complete as many questions as you can within 30 minutes. Check your sheet carefully to see which...

Lost Property!

Lost property items that we have in the school office that still need to be claimed!

Homework 14.11.2019

Year 3  Due in Tuesday 19th November English Title: Can I identify different types of words? Since the half term break, we have been learning about different types of words. This week your homework is to colour in the picture using the key to show the different types of words....

Lunchtime Supervisor vacancy still available – 7 hours per week!

For more information head over to our vacancies page!  

Homework 7.11.19

Year 4 English:  BOOK TALK  This week we have been looking at ways to improve our reading comprehension skills. We are encouraging you to look beyond the literal meaning of a text . This means you will be looking at spotting not just the who, what, and where in a text, but also...