French and Spanish

All pupils learn French and Spanish during their time at Manor Farm Junior School.

French is taught in Years 3 and 4 and Spanish is studied in Years 5 and 6, with pupils having one lesson per week, taught by a language specialist.  The main aim is for all pupils to reach a high standard in all four skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.  Games, songs, pair work and role play encourage pupils to speak without inhibition and to improve their aural skills.  The predominantly oral approach is increasingly supplemented by written work as they move through the school.

Languages are taught through topics, including numbers, colours, dates, objects, food and drink, sports, animals, personal descriptions and festivals. They start with simple nouns and classroom language and move on to more complex sentence structures.   By the time they start their senior school, pupils should have a sound knowledge of vocabulary and grammar across a number of topics.  This, together with their oral confidence, gives them a distinct advantage as they move on.

Studying two Modern Foreign Languages enables pupils to make an informed choice about which language(s) to study at Secondary School.

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