Spring Curriculum 2020


This term we will be teaching ‘Talk 4 Writing‘ units based on the Wild Girl – a defeat the monster story, Rotten Red Riding – a traditional tale told from a different perspective,  and newspaper reports/recount and persuasive speech based on model texts. 

As part of our Colllaborative Creative Writing Project we will write regularly to our pen pals, sharing news and discussing our local area. We will visit the National Gallery and write a newspaper report based on the Marquis de Seignlay.



This term we will be covering angles, compass directions, perpendicular and parallel lines, squares and rectangles and decimals. All topics build on previous skills acquired this year. Each week we practice our times tables. 



Initially we will be finishing our topic on Animals and Humans including digestion.

Then we will study States of Matter. We define states of matter and then investigate melting, boiling, freezing, evaporation and condensation and link it to the Water Cycle.

We follow this with a  topic on Sound. We investigate sources of sound, how it travels, passes through materials, culminating in designing and making a musical instrument.



In History we are continuing to study Romans, looking at daily life and aim to finish with a Roman Day later this half term. We will then move on to our topic on local history. In this we will compare the past to the current day. 



We will doing a comparative study of Switzerland and the UK. We decided to do this as a direct link to Mrs Wendes, using her knowledge from working there for four years. We will build our map skills locating places in the world and in in smaller regions using 4 digit coordinates and 8 point compass reference points. We will also be  looking at physical and human geography, whilst making cross curricular links to science in terms of he water cycle and maths with data handling, looking at a broad range of statistics.


This term we will  be studying lanscapes, analysing different types. We will be looking at using a variety of medium to recreate landscapes. We will be studying artists such as  Stephen Wiltshire and Anselm Kiefer and recreating their work on cityscapes and broken buildings.

Design and Technology

This term the children will be looking at smoothies. They will conduct market research to enable them to design a product for a particular audience.

PSHE focuses on how to create and maintain healthy and positive relationships.

French will be centered on vocabulary for shapes and prepositions of place linked to describing a piece of art, and later in the term- parts of the body  linked to describing French art. .


In music we will learn how to use the Djembe drum, learning a variety of strokes and African rhythms; alongside the a variety of musical skills, composing and playing a variety of music using technology provided by Junior Jam.


Computing will continue to be taught by a member of the Junior Jam team – they will continue with their coding work. 


This term  in PE we will be  doing gymnastics/ circuits- building on personal fitness and stamina and Badminton. PE is taken by Mr Green on Thursdays. Class teachers take  a second PE lesson on 4A on Tuesday and 4B on Wednesday. This will be a dance unit which will provide an introduction to tap. Please ensure the children have their PE kit available each day as occasionally we have to change the timetable.


Either Maths or English homework is given out every Thursday, and is due in on the following Tuesday. On some weeks we will ask for work linked to other topics such as History or Science. Each piece of homework should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. On top of this, we expect the children to be learning their spellings and times tables.


We will continue to follow a variety of spelling rules and patterns. The children will be told when they have some words to learn for a test. Some of the rules take longer than a week to learn and so spelling tests are not always each week – look out for spelling test lists with dates of the tests. 


Home School Books are checked every Monday. The expectation is that there are at least 4 pieces of reading logged for every week and that a parent has signed that week’s page.


As you can see it is going to be a busy and exciting term. We value the partnership between school and parents.  Please help your child by discussing new topics, or going and finding out about them together. As teachers we love to hear when children’s imagination has been sparked by a topic and they look at it out of school and then come and share their findings, whether by reading or visiting a local place of interest.Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in the children’s learning.

Mrs Wendes, Mrs Pilgrim 

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